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We aim to enhance the Industries’ contribution through building a vibrant and interactive community of members in the semiconductors, electronics system design and manufacturing fostering growth and innovation. With our core initiative groups and taskforces, we wish to define the industry’s path forward in each and every segment.

Membership Plans

Why become a Member?


Networking with peers, thought leaders and decision makers both from the industry and government.

Showcase Achievements/Innovations

Get a chance to showcase achievements / innovations to a larger audience through various awards and recognition.

Greater Visibility

Greater visibility in industry, leading to more opportunities for collaboration across the value chain.

Partnership Opportunities

Opportunity to connect and partner with international companies / associations to enhance the scope and scale of operations.

Access to Reports and Data

Access to credible market research reports, data, and information about current industry trends.

Collaboration with the Government

Collaboration with the central and state governments to initiate, implement and improvise policies and regulations pertaining to ESDM industry.








Knowledge Series Speaker Spot

One Knowledge Series Speaker slot per year/One Panel Discussion seat during the year on nomination

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Core Initiative Group

One seat in Core Initiative Group (CIG) of interest/relevance to the company to drive initiatives

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Webinar Series

One Webinar series of 2 to 3 episodes included and visibility at IESA social media handles

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IESA Events

Invitation to IESA events for interaction with other Members, Institutions, Central and State Govts

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Meetings with Government officials

Gets invited to meetings with Government ministers/top bureaucrats periodically if offered such volunteering

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Collaborating for Industry Initiatives

Driving Industry Initiatives in collaboration with IESA EC Members

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Virtual Product Showcase

Virtual Product showcase opportunities for a specific period in the year (Except in IESA Vision Summit)

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Newsletter Coverage

Special Coverage in newsletter, Virtual product show case opportunies in IESA web page

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Product Showcase

Product showcase opportunities with other members during events or on request (Except IESA Vision Summit)

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Policies Information

Regular and timely information on latest national and international policies, Govt regulations and technical development

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Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities with other members during events or on request

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Business Enhancing Platform

Platform to enhance business and develop new markets through curated events

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Coverage in Blogs

Chance to contribute through special coverage in blogs, articles, interviews

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B2B Connect

Business Development - B2B connect, connect with trade bodies

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Training Programs

Participate in topical seminar, training programs

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Number of votes
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Who can become a member

Any organization, firm, society, company or division thereof, involved in Business and/or Research and/or Development in the area of Electronics & Semiconductors, including Embedded Software, allied areas or associated services, is eligible for membership.

 Core Initiative Groups (CIGs)

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