Past Chairman Messages

Ashwini K Aggarwal

It is a moment of pride and great privilege to represent and serve industry , as its Chief Evangelist at IESA – the premier electronics sector organization in India.

I have been associated in one way or the other with IESA for many years and have witnessed the important role IESA plays in rejuvenating the ESDM sector. Our vision of transforming India into a robust, self-sufficient ESDM ecosystem with a future scenario of our country becoming a “design-led electronics manufacturing hub” looks a visible possibility.

Design and innovation are the keywords which will drive the ESDM sector in the coming decade. We are all aware of the importance of creating IP in our country so as to drive the dream of being able to sell our products to the world. With IoT now turning from hype into a reality, the business opportunities this represents for our domestic players is immense. IESA, through its various summits and conferences, the most prominent of which are the Vision Summit and IoTNext aims to provide a common platform to network for the various stakeholders in this arena.

My preceding Chair, Krishna, has put forward an exceptional vision – taking opportunities contributed by individual Executive Committee leaders, and stitching it together in a range of actions with far reaching impact in the Indian Electronics design and manufacturing sector. I have the honor of building on it.

For all the challenges that Indian manufacturing faced in the past, I think we will be supported by strong tailwinds that will push our efforts to success. India is set to leapfrog several points – in fact, an order of magnitude improvement given its poor position in the past, in the Ease of Business ranking. A stable economy, popular PM with a decisive operating style is using digital as the growth hack to put the economy in a hyper-drive mode. Both IMF and the World bank have predicted that despite (possibly because of) the cleansing of the system by the demonetization drive , the nation will show a 7.2-7.5 % GDP growth becoming faster than the Chinese economy by 2018.

Visible green shoots in the electronics manufacturing bring additional hope.

Along with my colleagues in the IESA Board of Directors/ Executive Committee, I have a vision of building our nation by building this core industry – by getting investments, building innovation and enabling industry – and by being a Chief Evangelist of its momentum…

IESA has some focused Core Interest Groups doing a great job in their respective domains. I invite you to engage in CIGS of your interest and I look forward to teaming with you on this journey,

Warm Regards

Ashwini K Aggarwal
Director-Government Affairs | Applied Materials India Pvt Ltd
Chairman – India Electronics & Semiconductor Association

K. Krishna Moorthy

IESA Executive council over the last year had its laser sharp focus in fostering the Indian ESDM sector to further deliver value to our members, enthuse the ESDM start-up’s by helping to remove its disabilities, assist market and business access to the MSME’s in high value MoD and Space verticals, in developing skills in ESDM sector and also creating new segment focused activities in IoT and manufacturing. The Core Initiative Groups (CIG’s) were very active in driving all these with active engagement with the respective stake holders and governments at the centre and states

Please click here to read a brief synopsis.

Vinay Shenoy

IESA has achieved various accomplishments during the year 2015 and more eventful events are yet to come before we sign off for this financial year in March. Please click here to read a brief synopsis of the activities.

Ashok Chandak

Dear Leader,

This is my first message to you as Chairman of IESA. It is a matter of great pride to have the opportunity to lead this association that has over the years carved a niche for itself in the country. IESA is today well-recognised for its role in driving policy initiatives in the ESDM industry and ecosystem development in semiconductors and electronics. It is now time to take IESA to the next level – from good to great. And you have a very important role to play in how we think beyond and stay ahead in the years to come. Thank you very much for your contribution to elect a very able Executive Council for the year 2014-15; our EC has a collective experience and leadership wisdom of over two centuries.

Sitting L-R: Rajendra Kumar Khare (Chairman and MD, SureWaves MediaTech) ; Vinay Shenoy (MD, Infineon Technologies & Vice Chairman, IESA); Ashok Chandak  (Chairman, IESA & Senior Director-Global Sales and Marketing, NXP Semiconductors); Kumud Srinivasan (President, Intel India); Satya Gupta (Founder and CEO, Concept2Silicon Systems).

Standing L-R: Sanjeev Keskar (MD, Sales, PMC-Sierra & Advisor, IESA), Jaswinder Ahuja (MD, Cadence Design Systems), Ganesh Guruswamy (MD, SanDisk India), Krishna Moorthy K (MD, Rambus Technologies & Treasurer, IESA), BV Naidu (Chairman and CEO, Sagitaur Ventures India), Santhana krishnan Raman (MD, LSI India).

It is clear that “Electronics can change India” and that the Indian ESDM industry will continue to grow. At the same time, we are also painfully aware of the fact that collectively we are not doing enough to make the most of the opportunities available to us in the domestic market. Over 65% of the electronics consumption in India is fuelled by imports. The fabless ecosystem is also still at a nascent stage. The biggest change that I believe we need to usher in is the change in mind set. We need to embrace this change by adopting the mind set of creators and innovators. There are several challenges, but I am sure together we will tide over every roadblock on the highway to India’s ESDM leadership. In fact innovation and execution will be the key to crossing this huge chasm that separates early adopters from the mass market that is still waiting to be tapped.

Let me now tell you a little more about our proposed agenda for this year. I, along with Executive Council, have decided to put relentless passion and focus on execution. More importantly the focus is on outcome-oriented actions that are aligned with IESA vision to make India a powerhouse of ESDM.

Here is a summary of the key priorities on the agenda:

  • Government policy implementation
  • Encourage product creation through various start-up initiatives for fabless and electronic systems
  • Step up manufacturing while maintaining R & D leadership
  • Promote collaboration with other industry bodies
  • Member connect initiatives
  • Talent development

In addition to the series of events we have put together for the year, we also have an extensive marketing plan to promote the Indian ESDM industry and increase the reach and awareness about the industry that we are all so passionate about. More about all this later.

In all, the EC and I have our task cut out for the year. And I would like to begin my tenure by requesting your support and feedback, which is very important. You will receive a separate mailer from the IESA office requesting your feedback. In addition, please feel free to write to me at with your views, opinions and concerns too. I will do the best I can to address them along with Executive Council of IESA.

Look forward to your engaging participation and inventive enthusiasm in realizing the IESA Vision.

Best Regards,

Ashok Chandak
Chairman – IESA
Senior Director
Global Sales and Marketing
NXP Semiconductors

Ashok Chandak

IESA announces M. N. Vidyashankar, IAS as New President

Dear Members,

I am glad to update you that Mr. M. N. Vidyashankar IAS has joined IESA as New President today. The selection committee and Executive council is confident that he will help accelerate growth of ESDM sector and enhance collaboration across Government, industry and academia. As many of you know, Mr. Vidyashankar comes in with more than 30 years’ experience in management and administration of various government offices, autonomous bodies, boards and corporations. He brings an excellent combination of Leadership, Vision, ESDM knowledge, execution skills, Industry connects and an all-success history that will help widen IESA’s role in the ESDM landscape.

As we continue to work towards the enrichment of the Indian ESDM industry and also take IESA to the next level, the appointment of Vidyashankar could not have come at a better time. A proven administrator, an influencer and a veteran in the ESDM industry, Vidyashankar will add a lot of value to our common cause – to take the Indian ESDM industry to global heights.

Vidyashankar joined the IAS in 1982 and served various government departments at the state and central level before moving on to hold the position of the Principal Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science & Technology, Department of e-Governance, Government of Karnataka. He was also the CEO of the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board and has served as the Chief Electoral Officer at Bangalore.

Vidyashankar holds an M.A in Economics and an M.Phil. from the Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. He is also a post graduate in business administration from Harvard University, USA. He has also received a lot of national and international recognition for his efforts in promoting technology and technology based solutions that transformed human lives and societies.

After assuming office, Vidyashankar’s immediate priorities will be driving Government policy implementation, collaboration with industry bodies, member connect initiatives, product creation, innovation and talent development to holistically unlock the full potential of the ESDM sector in India.

My sincere thanks to selection committee for their time, efforts, guidance, decision making and relentless focus to get the best deserving person as a President of IESA. My thanks also to all the members for keeping patience and trust in the selection committee and executive council while selection of new president was ongoing. We do look forward to great years ahead under the leadership of IESA’s new President, where our country is going through exciting & challenging times with huge opportunities still unexploited, where IESA plays and can play even much bigger role.

Please join me to welcome Vidyashankar to team IESA and we will wish him and IESA a great success in years to come.

Vidyashankar is reachable on email

Ashok Chandak
Chairman – IESA
Senior Director
Global Sales and Marketing
NXP Semiconductors

Ashok Chandak

Dear Friends,

The buzz around the ESDM industry is getting louder, and I am sending out this message after attending the MAKE IN INDIA event addressed by India’s Honorable Prime Minister and industry stalwarts. MAKE IN INDIA is a program aimed at expanding the pie of opportunities to create a positive spiral (Chakra) effect of employment, purchasing power, spending and supply. We believe the success of the MAKE IN INDIA program will create an “Orbit Changing Atmosphere” which will be conducive for major breakthroughs in design-led manufacturing. IESA has been advocating India’s stance as an ESDM powerhouse, and we’re glad to see the prime minister’s initiative towards making India a preferred manufacturing destination encompassing 25 sectors that includes ESDM and several other sectors that rely heavily on electronics.

These are very interesting times for all of us in the ESDM sector with the MAKE IN INDIA initiative, visits of the prime minister and IT minister to Japan, Germany and USA, and the union budget supporting domestic electronics and manufacturing. I believe our dream of turning India into an ESDM powerhouse through the highway of “design-led electronics manufacturing” is cruising with speed toward realizing our goals and vision.

The IESA executive committee and IESA secretariat led by our President, M.N. Vidyashankar, has been actively working on a range of initiatives. Below is a brief overview of some of the new initiatives which would add to the development of the ESDM ecosystem and provide growth opportunities to IESA member companies and other stakeholders:

Key MoUs

IESA and TiE Bangalore MoU
IESA has signed an MoU with The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Bangalore chapter to promote start-ups and entrepreneurs in fabless semiconductor and electronic products in the IoT space. Our goal is to solve the three major challenges of design for manufacturability (DFM), testing and interoperability and standards. Our partnership also aims to assist start-ups with access to experts who can help them translate ideas to prototype and prototype to first factory run. An IoT related panel discussion was organised jointly with TiE in Bangalore on 11th September 2014; this was attended by over 200 participants.
We plan to set up pilot schemes for DFM and testing & certification assistance where a few start-ups will be provided assistance in the process of converting ideas to factory prototypes and early stage testing. Learnings from this pilot will be used to finalize a larger assistance facility.


We signed another MoU with the Taipei Computer Association (TCA) to promote local manufacturing in the field of electronics. Through this initiative, we are looking to capitalise on Taiwan’s experience in the field of manufacturing and electronics. Taiwan is looking at India as their next new destination because of our talent pool and our expertise in VLSI, designing, embedded systems, etc. TCA has set up a front office in Bangalore, and its members have reviewed Karnataka, Gurgaon, Noida and Ahmedabad as potential sites to build a technology hub.

While some of the big companies from Taiwan are already a part of the Indian manufacturing ecosystem, we believe that such collaborations will attract small and medium sized companies into the Indian market through partnerships, JV’s and stand-alone operations.


SEMICON West 2014

We were a part of the Indian delegation led by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) to SEMICON West 2014 held from July 8 to July 10, 2014, at the Moscone Center in San Franscisco. M N Vidyashankar, our president, accompanied Shri S K Marwaha, Director, DeitY, and Dr. Ajay Kumar, Joint Secretary, DeitY among others to the event. We presented a few sessions at the event and had a very fruitful Q & A session afterwards. We also had several one-on-one meetings with many private investors and corporates and a very productive meeting with the US India Business Council.

ESC India 2014

The goal of the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) was to focus on the emerging technologies in the industry. This event was held between July 16 – 18, 2014, at the Nimhans Convention Centre, Bangalore.


In association with Messe Munchen International (MMI) India, we organized DEFTRONICS 2014 on September 23rd and 24th 2014. This was India’s first ever platform for aerospace & defence electronics and internal security with the aim of ensuring that the Indian ESDM industry does not miss out on the enormous business potential in the semiconductor arena. Our sessions over two days focused on exploring the ways to improve the participation of Indian companies in the country’s defence and aerospace program. This successful event was witnessed by 320+ delegates and 115 companies, and there was also a special exhibition pavilion at the venue. The details, summary and action list will be sent out in a special edition soon.

IESA in the Media

Brand IESA is garnering prominence in the media with IESA statements and actions being featured frequently in the national and regional news articles. Our objective is to reinforce IESA’s position as the nodal body that represents the interests of the electronics and semiconductor ecosystem in India. It is imperative that we continue to earn more mindshare among media covering policies, budget and technology related to the ESDM industry so we can successfully carry your united voices out into the world. We are upgrading the IESA WINWire so that it will capture some of the media coverage and references of IESA.

All of our above initiatives, along with the new government’s policies, are opening up a plethora of opportunities for our member companies. You will see a lot more action in the industry in the coming months. I urge you to take full advantage of these exciting times and contribute to transform India into the next global “design-led manufacturing destination”.

It has been a while since we had a face-to-face dialogue, and we are starting the member connect meetings in various cities starting with Bangalore on 18th October and NCR during the first week of November. Please do join the discussions and interactions within IESA member community and also IESA EC and secretariat team.

IESA is spearheading the Indian delegation to Japan as a part of Indo-Japan work group along with DeitY. I urge companies interested in the electronics and manufacturing sector to join the delegation to explore the “win-win” business opportunities with our Japanese counterparts. Please contact Rajiv Jain for more details and participation possibilities for this upcoming trip at the end of October 2014.

We would also be very interested in your thoughts and suggestions about the work we are doing and what more should be done. Please keep in touch at

Ashok Chandak
Chairman – IESA

Sanjeev Keskar

Dear Friends,

Dear Members, IESA begins a new chapter this year. And it my privilege to serve as your Chairman during these exciting times. I am happy to share with you our mandate for the year:

  • Vision: Make India a powerhouse in electronics and semiconductors and aggressively promote Made-in-India electronic products developed for the global markets
  • Mission: Work towards reducing the demand-supply gap and reduce import dependency.
  • Key Focus Areas: Member Engagement, Funding for start ups and Entrepreneurship.

To this end, the Executive Council has devised an extensive 10-point charter to take IESA and all its members to the next level. This is in addition to playing our role as:

  • Trade body that represents the entire spectrum of the Indian ESDM industry and enables interaction and knowledge sharing among our members
  • Knowledge partner to the government, with specific focus on state governments relations this year, to facilitate development and implementation of favourable policies for our industry
  • Research enabler that publishes credible market research data that is sought after by decision makers in the government and the industry.

Our strength lies in our members and diversity of members. Your support and participation is vital to our success. We sincerely look forward to your support and open feedback to help us achieve our vision. I will personally address you all frequently to appraise you of the progress we make. Please keep visiting our website regularly for updates and information.

And do feel free to write to me or our President Mr. PVG Menon, to let us know how we can represent you better.

Best Regards,

Sanjeev Keskar
Chairman IESA

Sanjeev Keskar

Dear Members,

Let me begin with thanking you for making Vision Summit such a huge success. This year Vision Summit scaled newer heights as we discussed the burning topic of “Consumption to Creation”.

Vision Summit 2014
The biggest ever till date, Vision Summit 2014 was attended by over 600 local and global leaders; the summit also saw the highest ever participation from the government, with 8 state governments joining us during the two days. With 40 booths, the VS 2014 Expo was the largest till date. Also,this was the first Vision Summit executed completely by the IESA Secretariat. Kudos to the IESA team for this significant achievement.

Vision Summit also added a national first. During the summit, IESA signed an MoU with Messe München International (MMI and launched DEFTRONICS – India’s first ever platform for Aerospace &Defence electronics that is slated to be held in September 2014 along with Electronica & Productronica India. The event will launch in Bangalore in 2014, will move to Delhi in 2015, and thereafter shuttle between the two cities.

Technovation Awards 2013
The Technovation Awards also saw a new high. This year we received 90+ nominations – the highest ever – and our jury had a really tough time choosing the winners. Here are the winners of the Technovation Awards 2013:

Industry Awards:

IESA Technovation Sarabhai Award.

  • P.N. Dhoot, Director, Videocon Group of Companies.

Most Innovative Product

  • Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Mohali
  • National Aerospace Labs. (NAL), Bangalore
  • Terminus Circuits Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
  • Redpine Signals Inc., Hyderabad

Most Promising Startup Company

  • Evolute Systems Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
  • Silab Tech Pvt Ltd., Bangalore

Best Electronics Manufacturing Company

  • Bosch Automotive Electronics India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
  • Skanray Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mysore

Academic Awards


  • Prof Arun N Chandorkar, Chair Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay, Mumbai


  • G Venkatesh, Chair Professor, Dept of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras and Executive Director, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, Sasken Communications Technologies

Techno Inventor

  • Marshnil Dave, PhD Thesis, IIT-Bombay; and Senior Analog Design Engineer, Marvell Semiconductor, California, USA
  • Chandan Karfa, PhD Thesis, IIT-Kharagpur; and Senior R&D Engineer, Synopsys India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

New Members

We have added many new members into the IESA family. Currently, we have 220 member companies under IESA.

  • Aeronics eMaRoh
  • Analinear Technologies
  • B.V Bhoomaraddi College of   Engineering
  • BMS College of Engineering
  • Cerium Systems
  • Conwex Limited
  • EDAC MultiTech
  • Edgewood networks
  • Eldaas Technologies
  • Entuple Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Graphene Semiconductors Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Immensa Semiconductors technologies
  • Kaga Devices India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Krivi Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd
  • Karnataka Microelectronics Design Centre Pvt Ltd.
  • Lukup Media Pvt Ltd
  • NMTronics India Pvt. Ltd
  • Ojovati Power
  • Orange Semiconductor
  • PLX Technology
  • RV College of Engineering
  • Sanmina-SCI Technology India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Si2Chip Technologies
  • Sohamsaa Systems
  • Tata Power Company SED
  • Technosphere Labs
  • Unizen Technologies

Change of President
IESA President, Mr. PVG Menon has decided to step down from his post. PVG has worked very hard to grow IESA to next level. On behalf of all the members, I thank PVG for his great contributions and wish him all the best with his new plans.
But that brings us to the onerous responsibility to find a new President. Please do send me an email to if you know any good candidates who could step into PVG’s shoes.

New Research from IESA 
Before signing off, I would like to remind you about the two defining reports that we have launched this year: The Indian Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) – Disability Identification Study with EY and the Indian ESDM Market – Analysis of Opportunity and Growth Plan with F&S. These reports have been very well received by the industry for their depth of information and quality of recommendations. You can now download these reports for free from the IESA website:

Next month, we will hold elections for the new Executive Council. I request active participation from all members for the same.
Please keep the interaction going and write to me at with your thoughts, feedback and suggestions.

Sanjeev Keskar,

Chairman – IESA
MD-Sales, PMC-Sierra India

Sanjeev Keskar

Dear Friends,

As I had mentioned when I took over as Chairman, this year is going to be exciting. IESA’s relentless work in the last 3-4 years is beginning to bear fruit.

This month the Govt. of India gave an in-principle approval to the proposal of setting up two chip fabrication units in the country

This is something we all have waited for a long time. The India Fab will give us the ability to indigenously design and manufacture chips and thus cut down our dependence on imports. The government has already received proposals from two consortiums to set up the India fab: one led by Jaypee Group, and including IBM and Tower Jazz; and the other led by HSMC and including STMicroelectronics and Silterra.

Another interesting development from the government is the Govt. of Karnataka’s decision to rename the Bangalore-IT.Biz conference to Bangalore-ITE.Biz to include electronics. A part from the main event at Bangalore, this year the Department of IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka has planned satellite events in Mysore, Mangalore and Hubli-Dharwad. IESA has been an active participant in these events.

The satellite events at Mysore and Mangalore were very successful. The Hubli event is slated for 8th October 2013; and the main event in Bangalore is scheduled for 22-24 October 2013. On October 23rd, IESA has planned an excellent track on the ESDM sector with great speakers. I request all members to join these sessions and make the event a success.

Our draft proposal, developed in collaboration with Electronic City Industry Association (ELCIA), for India’s first brownfield cluster at Electronic City, Bangalore, has been well received by DeitY and is under active consideration of the Government of India. We are, in the meanwhile, working on 2 more brownfield cluster proposals – one at Mysore and another in the Peenya Industrial Area in Bangalore.

IESA will also be quite significantly involved in the setting up of the ESDM product innovation centre at IIIT-Bangalore, to incubate electronics product companies. A proposal from IIIT-B is under the active consideration of DeitY.

Our SWOT analysis report of the Top 25 products and 4 key components in each of these products by Frost and Sullivan is almost ready and should be ready for launch by the end of next month. This is going to be a very crucial report for us all as it covers products and components that contribute to more than 85% of India’s electronics consumption.

Let me now tell you what our EC members are working on. Vivek Tyagi is convener for Vision Summit 2014. He, along with the Vision Summit 2014 committee, he has worked out a great session plan and speakers for the summit themed “From Consumption to Creation”. I look forward to your support to make VS2014 successful.

Arnob Roy is the convener for Technovation Awards 2013. You would have already received intimation about the awards. This year, under the Industry Awards section, we have the following categories:

  • Technovation Sarabhai Award – Life Time Achievement
  • Most Promising Startup
  • Best Electronics Manufacturing or Semiconductor or Fabless Company.

In the Academic Awards section, we have:

  • TechnoVisionary – Life Time Achievement
  • TechnoMentor – best active faculty member
  • TechnoInventor PhD/MTech categories.

Please do make sure to send in your entries before 15 October 2013 to participate in this prestigious event. Please log on to for more detail.

Ravi Pagar is working on the Membership Drive for this year. If you would like to recommend any company that is not currently a member of IESA, please write to

Apart from this, Vivek Pawar has put together an excellent Talent CIG team and their charter is defined now. Pilot implementation of their charter is expected to start in October.

We would also like to welcome the new members (from April, 2013) of IESA and look forward for their active participation at the IESA initiatives and activities.

  • Agilent Technologies
  • Audience
  • C-DOT
  • Cyber Media Research Ltd
  • Geo Semiconductor India Pvt. Ltd
  • GMR Krishnagiri SEZ Ltd
  • Indic Electronics
  • IntSemi Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Optimus Logic Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd
  • Rangsons Electronics Pvt. Ltd
  • S3 Craft Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • TEKTRONIX India Pvt. Ltd
  • Tevatron Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Atrenta (India) Pvt. Ltd
  • ByDesign India Pvt. Ltd
  • Cirel Systems Pvt. Ltd
  • First Pass Semiconductors Pvt Ltd
  • Get2Galaxy
  • Ignitarium Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • Infinera India Pvt. Ltd
  • KAYNES Technology India Pvt. Ltd
  • Pramura software Pvt. Ltd
  • RS Components & Controls (I) Ltd
  • Srishti ESDM Pvt. Ltd
  • Teledyne Lecroy India Trading Pvt. Ltd
  • u-blox Singapore Pte. Ltd

If each member can get one member to IESA this year then we can double our membership.

As always, before I sign off, let me request you again to please keep your suggestions and feedback flowing in to

With Best Wishes
Sanjeev Keskar,
Chairman – IESA

Satya Gupta

Dear Friends,

First off, let me congratulate and thank all of you for making IESA Vision Summit 2013 a grand success. This Vision Summit was very special to all of us as we changed from ISA (representing the semiconductor industry in India), to IESA – India Electronics & Semiconductor Association, with the aspiration to be the definitive voice of the ESDM eco-system in India.

The change from ISA to IESA is more than just a change in name. It is a reflection of the changes in our industry. Semiconductors are at the heart of any electronic system but there are other significant aspects of an electronic end-product. The last few years have brought about the realization that we can only build a self-sufficient, USD 400 billion domestic market for ESDM by nurturing the entire ecosystem — which includes both electronics companies and semiconductors companies.

Yet, in several ways, our work remains unchanged. Even as ISA, we have been working relentlessly to promote the Indian ESDM industry as a whole in the last few years. If anything, the change in name to IESA only sharpens our focus on developing a vibrant ecosystem in the domestic ESDM industry. The timing could not have been better. Discussion after discussion in Vision Summit 2013 brought about glaring inadequacies of the current ecosystem in the country. This, coupled with the overwhelmingly positive response we have received so far from the industry and the government, has shown us that we are indeed on the right path. In the months to come, we will give you more specific details on how we plan to forge ahead under the new banner of IESA.

Let me now take you through everything else that has been happening since my last note to you.

Vision Summit 2013, the first under our new name IESA, was a runaway success. This time we had many more international delegates and speakers, encouraging talks by Indian product companies, Industry luminaries and some really thought-provoking sessions from senior government officials. It was evident from various discussions that discourse about ESDM industry in India has started to shift towards implementation of the ideas and policies which have been conceived in last couple of years. We had record number of delegates who attended the opening sessions, two days of intense discussions and excellent media coverage during and post Vision-Summit.

Technovation Awards 2012 were also announced during Vision Summit in keeping with our increasing focus on innovation both in academics and industry. We received excellent response in both areas and this platform has helped us recognize and reward the academic excellence, promising entrepreneurs and leaders whose life long work has helped shaping the field of Electronics and Semiconductors. Please visit our website for a full list of our award winners.

The importance of favorable government initiatives and policies was another key takeaway of Vision Summit. Here too, IESA has been making significant progress. We are today a trusted knowledge partner to the government both at central & state levels. As most of you be already aware that several elements of the National Electronics Policy like Modified SIPS, Electronics Manufacturing Clusters and preference for domestically manufactured products are already approved and making good progress towards implementation. IESA has been actively involved in development of guidelines and implementation of these initiatives. The impact of the work done in ESDM area has also figured prominently in budget 2013-14 in terms of Incentives for Fab, duty increase on imported set-top boxes from 5% to 10% and additional 15% incentives on investments more than Rs. 100 Cr. These are very significant incentives for the Indian ESDM industry and will help in catalyzing domestic product design and manufacturing.

As part of our Government initiatives IESA voice is also reaching to the ministries beyond DeitY. We recently had a detailed discussion on the Indian EDSM landscape with the Planning Commission including Dr. Montek Singh and Mr. Arun Maira and it reflected in excellent address by Mr. Arun Maira during Vision Summit.

On the States front we have been working very closely with several states including Karnataka, Odisha, and several others. The Karnataka Govt. has setup an ICT Vision Group (KIG) to create a vision 2020 for the state under leadership of Mr. Mohandas Pai & Mr. B.V. Naidu where Mr. Sanjay Nayak and myself represented the ESDM industry.

The ISA F&S (2011 -2015) ESDM Report has been released is now available for purchase. A precursor to our name change, this is India’s first ground-up report on the entire ESDM industry covering all aspects and segments of ESDM in India. The contents of this report are eye-openers and already being referred in several discussions and platforms. Congratulations to the team which was led by Mr. Ashok Chandak.

On the International collaboration front, IESA participated in a Karnataka government led business delegation to Israel. During the four days of engaging discussions several opportunities have emerged in the Defense Sector and Technology collaborations for ESDM products.

You will recollect that IESA, in association with other prominent trade bodies, had set up the Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI). We recently participated in the first ever meeting of the ESSCI held in Kochi in collaboration with the Government of Kerala. A comprehensive roadmap for skill development in the state of Kerala was identified during this one-day workshop.

Last but not least, on behalf of whole IESA community, I would like to congratulate the team at Cosmic Circuits led by Mr. Ganapathy Subramaniam, for being first Indian Semiconductor IP Company to have a successful exit. You will recall the news about them being acquired by Cadence.

Before signing off, I want to reiterate that IESA is because of all of you and your support is absolutely vital to us. I look forward to your comments, feedback and suggestions, particularly in the wake of our reorientation as IESA. Please mail me at and let us keep the conversation going.

Satya Gupta
Chairman – IESA

Sanjeev Keskar

Dear Members,

It is a great honour to be elected as the 8th Chairman of IESA. I have been associated with IESA right from inception and have been an EC member under the chairmanship of Janakiraman , Pradip Dutta and Satya Gupta; I was part of first market research team of the F&S report published in 2005; and I served as the convener for Vision Summit and Technovation awards. To take over as the Chairman at this crucial juncture – when we have just started our journey as IESA – is indeed a privilege.

Let me first welcome the new EC members – Raj Khare, B V Naidu and Vinay Shenoy. I am very fortunate to have three ex-Chairmen – Raj Khare, B V Naidu and Satya Gupta – supporting me in this EC. On behalf of the new EC, I promise you that we will do our best to take IESA to next level. In my first message to you, let me share with you my agenda for this year.

There is no change in our Vision 2020. We want to make India a powerhouse in electronics and semiconductors and aggressively promote Made-in-India electronic products for the global market. Additionally, this year our focus is on our members. Based on the member engagement survey and the numerous discussions we have had with members, we have identified the following three top questions and concerns of our members:

  • How can our members leverage the opportunities available in the ESDM industry today?
  • How can our members take advantage of the various government schemes like the EMC, M-SIPS, PMA and the upcoming EDF?
  • How can our members, particularly startups, get better access to funding? Can entrepreneurs get access to incubation centers to put their ideas to test?

To address these needs, we have put together an extensive 10-point charter for this year. Another area of emphasis for us this year is on-the-ground implementation. We are going to strengthen the IESA secretariat team by appointing a VP Operations to actively manage execution of various initiatives. Further, to ensure timely implementation of our charter, we have clearly identified specific EC owners for each of our planned action items.

We have also started putting together teams to get started with our various initiatives. For example, on the state-level ESDM policy framework initiative, we have already identified State Champions for some key states: Sanjay Nayak of Tejas Network for Karnataka; Pradeep Dharane of AMCC for Maharashtra; Pratul Shroff of e-Infochips for Gujarat; BV Naidu of Sagitaur Ventures for Odisha and AP; Vivek Sharma of ST Microelectronics for UP and Punjab; and Raja Manickam and Veerappan of Tessolve for Tamil Nadu.

Another key initiative for us this year is growing our member-base beyond the 250+ mark. This is something that we cannot achieve without active support from all of you. Very soon we will send you membership drive mailer that you can forward to all your contacts and help us attract good members from the ESDM community.

As we prepare to implement our 10-point charter, please feel free to suggest any changes or additions to the same. You can also indicate the initiatives that you would be interested in leading / contributing to. Also, I will be very happy to hear from you on how we can improve domestic manufacturing of systems and components, attract investments into the country and build Brand India.

I look forward to your active participation and support in all our initiatives.
Please write to me at with your comments and suggestions.

Best Regards

Sanjeev Keskar
Chairman – IESA

Sanjeev Keskar

Dear Friends,

These are very exciting times for us. As I had mentioned when I took over as Chairman, this year our focus is on execution and state level initiatives.

Now our engagements with the state governments have started bearing fruit. The state governments of Karnataka and Odisha have already commissioned IESA for development of ESDM in their respective states. We are also in advanced stages of discussions with many other state governments for similar state-level ESDM policies.

Another key focus for this year is to study the various disabilities faced by our industry. The ESDM Disability report, being developed us in association with Ernst & Young, will be ready by the end of this quarter.
Our Regulatory and Legal CIG is also working on several initiatives to address these disabilities. The group recently conducted a seminar to discuss the new transfer pricing circulars and their impact on captive R&D centres in India.

You will also recall the SWOT analysis that I mentioned would be included in this year’s Frost and Sullivan report. A SWOT analysis of the top 25 products and 100 components has been initiated and the report should be available by the end of August 2013. This is going to be a very crucial report as it covers products and components that contribute to more than 85% of India’s electronics consumption. Armed with this, as well as the E&Y Disability study we plan to conduct state-level ESDM awareness workshops in September 2013.

Vivek Pawar has put together a Talent CIG and is working on a charter for the group; Vivek Tyagi has started the ground work for Vision Summit 2014 which is scheduled to be held on 3-4 February 2014; and Ravi Pagar is working on the Membership Drive for this year. If you would like to recommend any company that is not currently a member of IESA, please write to

We have also expanded our full-time Secretariat to improve efficiency and delivery capability. Specifically, we have Venkatesh Kumaran joining us as VP, Strategy and Operations. Very soon, we will on-board a GM- Marketing & Sales as well. With a bigger team to support us, we should be able to work faster and include more initiatives during the year.

We have several other events lined up in the coming months. Please visit our website,, regularly to read about our forthcoming events and latest news updates.

We have an IESA Member Meet (IESA Interactive or “i2”) on July 20th morning at the LSI office at Bangalore. We will be discussing the plans from our various CIG’s as well as have a presentation on the Electronics Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) scheme from IL&FS. If you are in Bangalore, I urge you all to do mark the date on your calendars and join us on July 20th for the i2.

And of course, please do keep your suggestions and feedback flowing in to

With Best Wishes

Sanjeev Keskar,
Chairman – IESA

Satya Gupta

Dear Friends,


It is my pleasure to communicate with you on behalf of IESA team regarding activities of IESA. A lot has been happening on various fronts and due to this I could not bring this update to you earlier. My sincere apologies for that and we will strive to bring these updates to you in timely manner in the future.

Government Initiatives

ISA has been engaged with various government agencies on multiple initiatives for growth of ESDM and Semiconductor industry. As you may already be aware that several recommendations from National Electronics Policy (NEP) such as Preferential Market Access (PMA), Modified SIPS and Electronics Manufacturing Clusters (EMC) have already been approved and IESA is working closely with Govt. of India on the implementation mechanisms for these policies. It has been observed that the delays in policy formation and implementation have been a cause for concern for all of us, as it delays growth of the industry. IESA along with other industry bodies is constantly engaged with policy-makers to expedite this process.

On the product development front, IESA is working closely with the Core Advisory Group for Research and Development in the Electronics Sector(CAREL), set up under the aegis of the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor to Govt. of India, to develop strategies for “Made in India” electronics products which are critical for the country and have high volume consumption. The identified categories cover set-top boxes, tablets, smart phones, smart energy meters, smartcards and micro-ATMs. IESA has already conducted deep-dive workshops on Set-top boxes and Tablets bringing together stake holders from all aspects of the eco-system. Based on suggestions from these workshops, IESA is developing white papers to recommend strategies to build world-class, made-in-India products. The next workshop is going to be on Smart Phones in late October and workshops for other product categories are going to take place over next few months.

In addition to these product workshops, we are planning to institute a study to highlight specific financial, operational or any other disability that is preventing many key products from being designed and manufactured in India.

On the skilled manpower development front, IESA, in collaboration with ELCINA, CEAMA, MAIT and IPCA has been asked to setup the Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI) by the National Skill Development Council (NSDC), with the primary objective of developing high calibre talent for the ESDM industry. This is a huge initiative as NSDC estimates that our industry will cumulatively employ about 28 million people by 2020. As part of the Governing Council of ESSCI, we from IESA will bring several initiatives and programs to address training and skill development needs of our ESDM community.

Research and Publications

On the research and publication front, IESA and Frost & Sullivan (F&S) is working on the first ever ground-up report on the ESDM industry. As you are already aware the IESA F&S reports on semiconductor consumption has set a benchmark for being the most credible source of data for the Indian semiconductor market. We hope to achieve a similar impact through this report which is focused on the ESDM product market. Ashok Chandak has ably and tirelessly led the team developing this report with fantastic support from Sanjeev Keskar, Arun Jain, Vivek Tyagi and many others from the industry. Special mention must also be made of the hard work put in by the F&S team. The report is in final stages of preparations and will be ready in the next couple of weeks.


The IESA Family is today 186-strong and with your help, we would like to grow this to 300 members this year. In line with our aim to promote SME’s and start-ups, we have initiated a new membership category for start-ups and SME’s with annual membership fee of INR 10,000 per annum only. We hope this will help us in reaching out to small size product companies and start-ups in ESDM area. I would request all of you to spread this message. If each one of you can bring one member who can benefit from IESA activities, we can reach our goal of 300 members easily. Please drop a mail to to introduce such potential member companies, and the IESA Secretariat team will drive the discussion forward.

To address some of the issues that small and medium companies and start-ups face, we are working on an IESA group medical insurance scheme where better coverage and premiums can be obtained for our member companies. This is at the inception stage and we will be sending out more details about this next month.

Another important activity on membership front is conducting the IESA Membership Engagement Survey in a few weeks from now to connect with each of you individually. Through this survey, we wish to understand your expectations from IESA, the value you have derived from your membership and the specific areas you would want us to focus on in the future. Anil Gupta and P. Sridhar will be reaching out to all of you in the next few weeks. Please cooperate fully with them and share your views openly and frankly. With your valuable feedback, I will work with the Executive Council to see how we can address member concerns and make IESA more effective.

Other Activities

For getting stronger participation from industry visionaries and past IESA chairmen, IESA is setting up the “IESA Advisory Council” to advise the Executive Council and provide steering direction to IESA. I am happy to inform that Mr. Ajai Chowdhury, Founder HCL, Mr. Sudhir Sethi, Chairman of IDG Ventures, India and Mr. B.V. Naidu, Chairman, Sagitaur Ventures have agreed to be initial members of the IESA Advisory Council. The council will convene in next one month to decide upon the direction and also inclusion of other members to the council.


And finally on the events front, let me tell you about the high-profile Strategic Electronics Summit (SES-2012) conducted in July in partnership with ELCINA. The Honourable Minister of State Dr. MM Pallam Raju; the Secretary, Department of Electronics and IT, Sri J Sathyanarayana; the Chief Controller of R&D, Dr. K.D. Nayak and a whole host of industry dignitaries participated in the event. IESA and Elcina jointly brought out a white paper on the strategic electronics sector, released during the event which was widely appreciated. The Aerospace & Defence CIG – led by Kumaran Venkatesh – helped to put this event together.

We have begun work on the Technovation Awards 2012 and Vision Summit 2013.

The IESA Vision Summit 2013 is scheduled for February 14-152013 and will be held at Sheraton, Bangalore. The theme for vision summit this year is: “ESDM-2020: Product Innovation, Global Collaborations and Policy Initiatives”. Vision summit has set a standard for thought leadership conclave in ESDM and we hope that with help from all of you we will have a great event this year also.

Technovation 2012 awards will be held in early December to recognize excellence in ESDM for Industry and academic community. Announcement for nominations for Technovation -2012 will be sent out in next one week.

I thank you for your patience and support and promise to connect with you more often with information about all the IESA activities. In the meantime, I look forward to your comments, feedback and suggestions. Please email me at and I promise to respond and take action on your valuable feedback.

Please keep visiting IESA website to check out our latest announcements, reports and white papers.

Satya Gupta
Chairman – IESA