IESA Technovation Sarabhai Award
(Posthumous Award)

Late Sri. Dr. Shivaling S
Mahant Shetti

Late Shri. Dr Shivaling Mahant Shetti in a true sense is a Karmyogi who spent his life building the nation. Dr. Mahant is regarded as the father of Analog Design in India. He held 67 patents to his name and an experience of over 3 decades in chip design.

Late Shri. Dr Shivaling Mahant Shetti spent his life creating and nurturing engineers for the semiconductor domain. Dr S S Mahant Shetti was the instrumental in setting up this Karmic Training Centre. He also set up Karmic Training School and Research Centre that provided food, shelter, clothes to kids and had rural areas special courses on English and communication skills .

He founded Karnataka Microelectronic Design Centre Pvt Ltd (KARMIC) in Manipal that focusses on design complex chips. He has emerged as a team with in-depth acumen in Memory, High Performance Digital, Analog, RF and Mixed Signal domains.

Dr. Mahant-Shetti received the B. Tech (Hons) in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, in 1972. He earned Sc.M and Ph.D. degrees from Electrical Sciences from Brown University in 1975 and 1977 respectively. He worked in Astro-Med Division of Atlan Tol Industries, Warwick, RI. For five years. He joined the research laboratories at Texas Instruments, Dallas and worked for 16 years. He started the LinAsic design centre in Texas Instruments India, Bangalore in 1988-89, the first commercial chip design activity in India.

IESA Technovation Sarabhai Award

P Rajamanickam

Tessolve semiconductor Pvt. Ltd.

Raja Manickam founded Tessolve in 2003 with a dream of creating a productization company from physical silicon to high volume manufacturing his work experience being in product companies, fabless companies in Silicon Valley and high volume factories in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan, is a unique combination to succeed in New Product Introduction cycle. He started his career in Texas Instruments as a test engineer and later with Fairchild, National Semiconductor. He was with DTS and Viko test labs and was involved in the early startup of STATS and UTAC. Has held engineering, product line, sales and marketing responsibilities in his 30 year career. Alumni of IIT Kgp in ECE. Pakkirisamy Rajamanickam is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs with a DIN (Director Identification Number) of 02246902, and is currently associated with 4 companies.

A new Business model – for post wafer out sourcing activity created this Semiconductor Ecosystem in India , as of now Tessolve is the largest third party Semiconductor Post wafer Services company In the world. around 1400 employees. trained more than 2000 Test Engineers in India , Still hands on . Till 2004 most of the Physical testing was happening out of India, Tessolve design team is doing 60 Layers PCB layout and Design.

Techno Visionary - Life Time Achievement Award

Dr. Ashok Shettar

Vice Chancellor
KLE Technological University

Dr. Ashok Shettar is the leader and Principal of BVBCET, where I am working in different capacity since 30 years. As principal of BVB College of Engineering Technology from 2001 - 2015,he lead comprehensive strategic Reform process to transform BVB college to the status of university. He is a mentor, visionary, leader of the institute and together we have strategized many initiatives and implemented successfully at our institute. Our association is since 20 years.

Ashok Shettar has ME and PhD in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Prof. Shettar has Over 30 years’ experience in engineering education and administration. He was a member of the Executive Council and Academic Council of Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum. Presently he is the Chairman of CII, North Karnataka Zone. In 2005, he received the Rotary Centennial Award for Professional Excellence. He has played an important role in establishing and growing “Centre for Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ (CTiE) at BVBCET, which has emerged as pioneering model to nurture entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tier-II cities of India, resulting into 40 companies in the campus (2companies more than 100Crore), providing more than 500 engineering jobs and recognized as TBI by DST.

Dr. Ashok Shettar instrumental in initiating NATIONAL ESDM TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH ACADEMY (NETRA) to Create ESDM entrepreneurial ecosystem in campuses. Through CTiE/NETRA model, it is proved that campus can create world class ESDM products, not only through start-ups but through faculty working with Industry. He is championing new innovations till they succeed and become model which can be copy pasted across Tier II cities/Colleges. He customized many courses And implemented in an innovative way, Engineering exploration(from VirginiaTech) is an example, which aims to give hands on experience in first year which leads better product/project in later years of engineering. More than 200 colleges across India have visited KLE Tech to know different initiatives and many have copied these models and successfully implemented.

Most Promising Startup Company

Transpacks Technologies Private Limited

Transpacks Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have developed world’s first copy-proof anti counterfeiting technology which directly empowers end consumers to verify the authenticity of the product with a 5MP or higher mobile camera,Without Requiring network connection on any kind.

Additionally, brands get to interact with their real customers through our platform. This is one of the strongest propositions for brand marketing. Brands will have access And own real customer data and can plan products, promotions and marketing Strategy accordingly.

Transpacks has developed a very affordable technology solution costing a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions, which can be used in offline mode by any consumer. End consumer can download a 15MP and authenticate products within 4 seconds. The simplicity of the solution will allow the general consumer in semi-urban or rural consumer will be able to use the solution to authenticate products before purchase.

Most Promising Startup Company

Minion Labs India Private Limited

There are energy meters, smart meters, building management systems and smart plugs in the Market Which will only give the whole building electricity consumption data and that too only parameters. What does alayman do with the parameters?  

On considering this, Minion Labs India Private Limited have reinvented and presenting the world's smallest energy auditor – Minion(MINIature + always ON = Minion). Minion sits like an add-on at the bus-bar panel/ main electricity board of building where if you switch off the whole building electricity goes off. Sitting there, by applying some machine & deep learning intelligence, it finds out which appliance in the building Consumes what?

Only one Minion is enough to sense all the electricity appliances/devices inside the building and gives the User real-time appliance ON/OFF with consumption details."

Minion can able to predict future electricity consumption & price at appliance level and it will alert the user If any device is going to breakdown well in advance itself. With the predicted data, Minion can able to Perform various analysis like Asset Efficiency Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Warranty Lifetime Analysis, Carbon Emission Analysis, Correction/Exception Analysis and more.

Minion was listed in top 5th best innovations by innovators under age 26 category by Crown prince of Dubai on 2017. Minion Received Three National Awards for Best Innovation in Make In India by PMO, in ISGF by Reji Pillai Kumar in ISGW 2016, Smart City Innovation in Shimoga City, Karnataka by Ministry of Urban Development Board.

Most Innovative Product

Steradian Semiconductor Private Limited

Steradian is steering Autonomous Cars & Safety by developing a mass market radar sensor. This product enhances human vision by creating a 4D map of the surroundings – mapping location, shape and velocity of vehicles, pedestrians and dividers as far as 300m ahead.

The unique operating frequency (80GHz) which is 40x higher than the cellphones, Enables Clear vision through fog, low light and dusty road conditions.

Steradian has developed World’s most compact CMOS Milli-meter wave Imaging Radar chip (SRMM4410) to power their 4D Sensors. Beyond Automotive, SRMM4410 can be used for Drones, Surveillance, and Industrial sensing.

Steradian has filed 8 patents covering various aspects of this product. Steradian is collaborating with Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) to bring SRMM4410 to market by 3Q 2018. In addition, Steradian is working with 3 leading Automotive Companies to deploy their full Sensor systems.

Most Innovative Product

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

Ecosense is a “first of its kind” technology, developed in-house and a path breaking innovation which helps in optimizing fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions by assisting the driver in driving more efficiently. For every trip, the user gets an Ecoscore out of 100 based of driving parameters like speed, gear selection, acceleration, idling, clutch override and aggressive braking. During the trip, the infotainment keeps displaying an instantaneous Ecoscore and an average Ecoscore. It also allows user to share his/her Ecoscore on multiple social media forums like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter.

The user gets an easy access to the Ecosense data and history of the trips made on the infotainment system, Bluesense Mobile Application and WithYouHamesha website. Users can benefit by saving fuel upto 31%.

Ecosense is a highly sustainable feature that falls synonymous to environmental excellence and revolutionary in fuel savings to customer, reducing the carbon foot-print significantly. This leads to and cleaner atmosphere and better environment for healthy living. Ecosense technology was successfully integrated in XUV 500 and launched during April 2017 as part of Hi-Tech XUV 500.

Most Innovative Product

Geo Semiconductor India Private Limited

The India center of GEO Semiconductor has played critical role with end-to-end Significantly contributory participation for GEO’s innovative products (in consumer and automotive spaces) from Design to Tape-out and steps in-between for 3 latest products in last 5 years - the most significant being GW5400 which is a Smart Viewing Camera Processor for automotive applications such as eMirror and Driver Monitoring Systems. This product was released very recently (Jan 8th, 2018). Owing to being a start-up company in niche technology domain, detailed technical specifics of contributions cannot be provided.

The GW5400 product is a major advancement as automotive camera technologies evolve to combine viewing and computer vision applications in a single camera. With design wins at many major automotive OEMs, a paradigm shift is expected in ADAS implementation worldwide owing to GEO’s technology differentiator.

Most Innovative Product

Terminus Circuits Private Limited

Terminus Circuits Private Limited is into design & development of high speed serial link products From specification to validation. Terminus circuits is geared up to contribute in the national programs Of interest like Digital India, HPC, Make in India with its unique solutions in storage, Networking and Computing. These ASIC solutions are bundled licensed and in production at our international Customer place.

IPs ready for the off-the-shelf deployment are, 10gbps, SerDes, PCIE gen4 with backward Compatibility of Gen2 & Gen1, USB 3.0 / &3.1, PCI GEN4, Phase Locked Loops upto 16 GHz clocking Solutions. This architecture is proved across the flavors and technology nodes ranging from 90nm to 28nm. The market traction built so far is at least 10 advanced discussions with leading OEMs for the last 2+ years.

Terminus Circuits has an interest hit rate by the potential customers worldwide in the top 15 places In one of the web based major IP Sourcing company Design & Re-Use(D&R)

Best Electronics Manufacturing Services Company

Infopower Technologies Limited

Infopower Technologies Ltd. manufactures electronic assembly products and printed circuit board (PCB). The company offers design, prototyping, fabrication, and volume production of PCB. Infopower Technologies Ltd. was formerly known as Sark Synertek Limited and changed its name to Infopower Technologies Ltd. in 2007. The company was founded in 1984 and is based in New Delhi, India.

Infopower Technologies Ltd. is a member of the Sahasra group, one of the most successful and fastest growing electronic companies in India. Infopower has 2 PCB Fabrication facilities, both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified which help in meeting captive demand as well as serving other EMS & OEM companies. From PCB design to prototyping to volume production the PCB operations are flexible enough and serve a variety of big and small customers with varying requirements.

With growing focus on Multi layers the company has invested heavily in state of the art equipment for manufacturing PCB's right from S/S & MCPCB's up to 10L boards. The boards are fabricated to IPC standards and meet RoHS and REACH regulations. The PCB facility has the distinction of being the first UL approved Metal Core PCB fabrication facility in India for LED Lighting applications besides UL approval for its FR-4 boards.

Best Electronics Manufacturing Services Company

Vinyas Innovative Technologies
Private Limited

Vinyas Innovative Technologies has adopted system innovation collaboration and process discipline to create and build innovative products and services while reducing cost, accelerating time to market and ensuring product quality.

Vinyas has adopted an in-house developed traceability software AQTS, which provides traceability of parts and processes from supplier to end product of Defense, Automotive and Medical Products. As part of skill development initiative, Vinyas has developed Quality packs for National skill development council (NSDC).

Vinyas has an unique practice of in-house personality development program called NLP (Neuro Linguistic program), in this every processes is monitored with 90 minutes cycle, 3 minutes meditation break is provided in every cycle, in order to revive the energy level and improve quality and productivity levels.

Established in 2001, Vinyas Innovative Technologies Pvt Ltd is an emerging player in Electronic Manufacturing Services Industry catering to global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) in Electronic Industry.

Techno Inventor Award

Dr. Kunal Banerjee

IIT Kharagpur

Dr. Kunal Banerjee is currently a Research Scientist at Intel’s Parallel Computing Lab in Bangalore, India. He received his PhD from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur in 2016.

The title of his thesis is “Translation Validation of Optimizing Transformations of Programs using Equivalence Checking.” Electronic Design Automation (EDA) is an active research domain. The design methodologies are enhancing continuously, thereby producing more intricate designs. Consequently, the verification methodologies have to be improved as well to meet the challenge of validating these new designs. A lot of the optimizing tasks have been automated (or semi-automated) by using (domain-specific) compilers. However, if a compiler itself has some bugs, then the optimized codes generated by that compiler may also be buggy. In my doctoral dissertation work, I have developed various equivalence checking methods for verifying that the transformed code generated by a compiler preserves the intended semantics of the original code. During my investigations, I had discovered a bug in the implementation of copy propagation for array variables in the popular high level synthesis compiler: SPARK, which underlines the significance of constructing such validators.

Moreover, as a Research Scientist at Intel Labs, he has been contributing to Intel's software repositories on artificial neural networks.

Techno Mentor Award

Dr. Anil Kottantharayil

IIT Bombay

Dr. Anil Kottantharayil is a full Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. His interests are in silicon photovoltaics, performance and reliability of photovoltaic systems, and novel electronics devices. He has published more than 200 journal and conference publications, and filed 10 patents in these areas, with a h-index of 24. He has guided 10 Ph. D. and 33 master theses.

He is a co-PI of the National Centre for Photovoltaic Research and Education (NCPRE) at IIT Bombay and has provided leadership in NCPRE research on PV module reliability and Silicon solar cells. NCPRE All India surveys on the reliability of photovoltaic modules deployed in India (conducted in 2013, 2014 and 2016) have created awareness on the importance of this topic among government agencies and industry players. His team also provide performance and reliability field survey services for PV power plants. His research team has also developed industrial size (6” X 6”) silicon solar cells with effective area efficiency greater than 21% and interact extensively with the Indian solar cell manufacturing industry on cell process technology and characterization.

He is also a PI of the Indian Nanoelectronics Users Program (INUP) at IIT Bombay. Through this program research students from other institutions utilize the IIT Bombay Nano Fabrication Facility to develop novel electronic materials, processes and devices. Since 2008, research through INUP has resulted in 175 Ph. D. theses, 50 M. Tech theses, 18 B. Tech theses, 151 journal papers, 111 conference papers and 15 patents. (Anil is not a co-author in any of these publications or patents.)

He is a member of the Bureau of Indian Standards’ ET-28 Solar Photovoltaic Energy Systems Sectional Committee, a senior member of the IEEE, a distinguished lecturer of the IEEE Electron Devices Society and a fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering.

Techno Graduate Innovators

Akanksha Yogesh Maskeri

Acharya Institute of Technology

Akanksha Yogesh Maskeri a 22 year old Mechatronics Engineering graduate from Acharya Institute of Technology in Bangalore. Who understand and seek answers – a risk-taker undaunted by setbacks and driven by my passion to reach beyond the ordinary. I have a habit of listening and seeking – a passionate curiosity and living up to expectations and yet, surprised of stumbling upon wondrous things that provide an Opportunity to learn.

As a self-motivated curious child experimenting had always been my way of finding answers and has only fuelled my curiosity and nurtured my experiential disposition ever since. This has honed my design skills and helped me create some viable products and services over the years like:CERES-a self sustainable plant micro-ecosystem that sensed and controlled environmental variables through a closed loop system advancing space-farming in 2016 or LaB2Moon a project studying the effects of variable gravitational forces using a centrifuge on microbial growth to be carried by Google Lunar Xprize team to the moon. Or creating a Refreshable Braille system for the blind at Embedded for Her by FSMK in 2017.

These qualities combined with a maker background make Ms. Akanksha a good fit for the TechoGraduate Innovator. Impact and design are the two things she care about the most hence, the two groups she have worked with and implemented in this particular project are Responsive Environments(by constantly camouflaging visually and thermally) and Fluid Interfaces(by having a electro-pneumatic micro-fluidic system).

Techno Graduate Innovators

Aliraza S Merchant
Jay D Raval
Hiren D Padaliya

OM Enginnering College Junagadh

Om engineering college and OM institute of engineering and technology are managed by Shree Om Education Trust Junagadh. It has been affiliated to GTU (Gujarat Technological University) has achieved an enviable status due to a strong emphasis on academic and technical excellence.

The 3 Techno Graduate Innovators won the Technovation Award for their project on SMART ROBOT FOR RAILWAY TRACK INSPECTION SYSTEM. The aim of our research is to atomize the process of detecting cracks on a railway track using cellphone operated vehicle to reduce the human effort. This method for the detecting the cracks uses ultrasonic waves, which propagate through rail track and it detect the cracks and defects on the railway track and hence preventing the rail accident.

There is no fund from any organization whole project made by our team members with equal contribution by work distribution to each team members. Our innovation is fully automatic it doesn't required any man power on the track, but as per the Indian railway norms we can’t operate any unmanned inspection vehicle on the track. So at that time to overcome this problem we send one person in the inspection vehicle. To identify the condition of the crack on railway track, whether it is minor, major and critical. We had attached a wireless camera infront of Robo-Vehicle which can operate from control room.