ISA WINWire September 24 – October 1 2010


'Adopt tech for growth in education'

Source: CIOL, September 27 2010

The world's cheapest laptop developed by Indian students is encouraging for the education sector of the country as technology-adoption is crucial for the growth of this vital segment, Intel India president Praveen Vishakantaiah said Monday. "Technology-adoption in the education sector is vital for its growth. The effort to build the world's cheapest laptop for the students is a step in the right direction," he said.


KPIT Cummins picks up US firm CPG Solutions for $13M

Source: VC Circle, September 27 2010

Pune-based KPIT Cummins Infosystems Limited is acquiring US-based CPG Solutions, LLC for a consideration up to $13.2 million (Rs 60 crore). The software and engineering services firm said, the deal involves guaranteed payments of Rs 27 crore and Rs 33 crore as milestone-based payment over three years. CPG provides Oracle consulting services to manufacturing and supply chain companies. KPIT is focused on the manufacturing, energy and utilities industry which accounts for 85% of its revenues. The deal would help the firm to provide its clients a complete spectrum of services. The acquisition of CPG will further strengthen KPIT's position as a preferred Oracle partner for manufacturing companies and is designed to complement KPIT's strengths in global ERP roll-outs, implementation and support and maintainance services, the company said in a statement.


Chip equipment makers conservative over 2011 business outlook

Source: Nancy Cheng and Jessie Shen, Digitimes, September 29 2010

Most semiconductor equipment makers are conservative about the business outlook for 2011 as wafer foundry houses have not yet set capex budgets for the coming year after they substantially increased their capex spending in 2010, according to industry sources in Taiwan. Some chip backend firms have slowed down ordering since the third quarter, casting uncertainty on the climate for the semiconductor industry in 2011, the sources indicated. According to SEMI's most-recent estimate, worldwide semiconductor equipment sales will likely expand 104% from 2009 to reach US$32.5 billion in 2010. But the rapid growth will be followed by a modest 9% growth in 2011.


MindTree to launch smartphone in US

Source: CIOL, September 29 2010

Mid-sized Indian IT services firm MindTree Ltd is looking to launch its 3G smartphone based on Google Inc's Android platform in the United States in the second half of this fiscal year, its CFO said. The company is in talks with at least one major U.S carrier for the launch, Rostow Ravanan told the Reuters India Investment Summit on Wednesday.


Freescale names winner of ‘Smart Car Race India’

Source: CIOL, September 29 2010

Freescale Semiconductor India, in collaboration with the Center for Electronic Design and Technology (CEDT) and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), hosted the finals of the ‘Smart Car Race India – 2010’, a first of its kind competition aimed at engineering students in India. During the competition, students assembled an intelligent model racing car that automatically recognized the specially designed racing track at the final competition venue. Freescale provided the model car kit and the required development tools to develop a model racing car based on Freescale microcontroller (MCU) technology, along with mentoring support to the teams.


Semico: Sky not falling on ICs

Source: Mark LaPedus, EETimes, September 29 2010

The sky is not falling in semiconductors despite a lull in the market, according to Semico Research Corp. In the first half of 2010, there was "a lot of momentum" in the IC market, said Jim Feldhan, president of Semico. Now, the momentum has subsided and the chip market is starting to "crest," Feldhan said.


Chip silicon shipments projected to jump 24%

Source: EETimes, September 29 2010

Worldwide shipments of silicon for semiconductor manufacturing will grow 23.6 percent in 2010 to a record 8.9 billion square inches and continue growing to 12.4 billion square inches in 2014, according to the latest forecast from market research firm iSuppli Corp. In 2011, iSuppli (El Segundo, Calif.) expects silicon shipments to grow 13 percent from 2010 levels, reaching more than 10 billion square inches.


In search of capital: the outlook for start-ups in 2010

Source: Knowledge@Wharton , September 29, 2010

On the face of it, 2010 looks like a bad time to start a new business. Early stage capital, whether it is venture funds, angel investors or bank loans, remains tight. And while technically the recession has passed, consumers and businesses are still keeping a tight hand on their wallets. Despite the obstacles, however, start-up formation has increased recently, possibly due to laid-off workers deciding to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. At the same time, high unemployment has expanded the talent pool for start-ups looking to hire. For those who can find creative solutions to the financing challenge, starting a new business now may turn out to be perfect timing. “The recession is a great time to start a company,” says David Wessels, an adjunct professor of finance at Wharton.


Analyst cuts 2010 chip growth forecast to 32%

Source: Peter Clarke, EETimes, September 30 2010

Market forecaster iSuppli Corp. has decided it should curb its enthusiasm for the global chip market in 2010 and as it sees softening demand and rising inventories and has trimmed its forecast to 32 percent. Having predicted the market would show 31 percent growth in May the company joined with most other forecasters in raising its prediction to 35 percent in August. However, iSuppli expects the chip business to experience a soft landing in 2011 with semiconductor revenue in 2011 set to rise by 5.1 percent.


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