Quotes from Industry Leaders on IESA Vision Summit 2014  


Steve Anderson

"Excited to be here as 20% of the TI’s R&D is done in Bangalore – it being the key factor."

Krishnan Narayana

"Good platform –result oriented sessions – regular learning – good interaction – provides interactions to validate current economic situation."

Joep Van Beurden

"Fantastic networking opportunity – participation by more skilled people – topics are highly relevant – optimal conclusion. "
Dr. Radha Shelat
" Better participation this year."
Dr. P Anbalagan

"Very good platform. Good discussions."
Ashok Chandak

"Continues to be a very important event for the industry. Added with electronics, there is no other bigger event for participation. It is very stimulating."
Sanjiv Narayan

"Very well organized. I am quite impressed. Done well. My first time here. The summit is very active and it is very pleasant to be here. We should try to bring in sync with other associations such as CII, ELCINA, etc., since our task is common – so we can all work together."

Vishwakumara Kayargadde

" Great opportunity to collaborate – great platform to meet and push each other."
K R Gururaj Rao

"Thoughts on Vision Summit Very good summit – with the new ESDM policy announced in 2012, this summit has come at a good time to throw lot of light on the impact and has helped increase our confidence."
Dr Siva Sivaram

" Amazed - level of the participation - with very senior people of the organization taking time out to participate – conferences has been successful in bringing together small to big companies – good keep going – suggestion for a knowledge portal."

SS Nakul

"Good exposure – well turned out – interesting panel discussions."
Prof Rudra Prakash

" Must happen more – brings hope – stakeholder/govt initiatives can be very infectious – states need to have more participation."
David Happy

"Exhausting – mobbed by people – genuinely motivated – huge success – beyond expectations – had a good international dimension "
Joep Van Beurden

"Fantastic; There are more stalls this time, and a lot of networking. The topics are very relevant and we are having just the kind of debate you want to have. "
Mitul Rustagi

"My first time here – good. Suggestion: the automotive segment is not very well represented. The automotive task group you are planning is good step."
Dr. Sundar Kamath

" Well organized; met many people and made many connections. Speeches are good, but you should get some results-driven speeches as well. "
Satendra Singh

"Good opportunity to network; well organized; we have many institutions like FICCI and CII whom you can collaborate with to bring electronics under one umbrella and drive it together. "

 Dr. Walden C. Rhines

" This is a useful forum; meet all the leaders in the semiconductor industry and electronic equipment companies in India. "


Dr. Yajulu Medury

"First time, good; glued to the chair; speakers brought in various points; very interactive. "


Ian Steff

"Extraordinary; outstanding speakers with lots of insights to offer. Worth the time."


Aninda Moitra

"VS brings all the fragments, the entire ecosystem, together. That is great."


Remi Quirion

"third time; good annual event; great participation even on the second day."