Quotes from Industry Leaders on IESA Vision Summit 2013  


Subramani Kengeri

"I am very impressed; this is far beyond by expectation. The turnout is excellent and there are so many multinational delegates as well. Great job. Keep it up."

BV Naidu

"This time the summit is very good. The venue and the exhibitors are very good. "

Ateendra Kumar Singh

"The response at the stall has been good. The event went well and was well received by everyone. We were able to send out our message. This has definitely been a good launch pad for us."
Dr Gary Patton
" Great event. The session also went very well."
Bert Gyselinckx

"The event was well organized and well attended."
Andrew Kaye

"Very good; the event very well. People want to hear about ground realities and success stories."
Prof. D B Phatak

"I have seen such great thoughts being expressed with such great clarity. Absolute treat; unadulterated wisdom."

Sanjay Nayak

"Outstanding sessions; outstanding event. Stalls being outside is great."
Vishal Verma

"Session went very well; we covered everything we wanted to. The content of the event was also very good. The video about the name change was very good."
Arindam Sen

"Extremely good and interactive discussion. The format was excellent. Picking up the critical industries is the right thing."

Shri. Arun Maira

"IESA is doing a very good job. The agenda was very well set. "
John Chilton

"The summit was terrific. So many leaders and visionaries came together to debate the future of the Indian semiconductor industry. This conference helps to appreciate how important it is to grow domestic products."
Venkat Kodavati

"The event was very good and organized well. The speakers identified the need of the hour."
Sanjay Malla, Toradex kiosk

"Good show; good response. The kind of crowd is great."
Amit Aggarwal and Ashvin Lakshmikantha,
Tejas Networks kiosk

"Vision Summit gives us a platform to interact with others in the industry and know what they are doing. The talks were good they are all experts in their area. You could convert their talks into important things. Very well prepared sessions. We are curious to see what momentum can be created from this."
Narang N Kishor, Narnix kiosk

"The event is great. The stall, sponsored by STPI, has been useful especially since the announcement of the inclusion of E in the ISA. This time the event focuses on electronics. The next time, you should have product and manufacturing companies and
focus on leveraging the opportunities available in the market."

Ranjan Kumar and Manash Ranjan, Cadence kiosk

"The response has been very good. Very intelligent crowd; great place for networking"

 S. Seshadri
ASM Technologies kiosk

"Excellent; the talks were good."


PV Rao
Government of Andhra Pradesh

"Excellent; very good gathering; very good talks; and the right people are here. This gathering is also great for networking. Next time, you should bring more world renowned speakers. Encompassing the entire industry by including electronics is good for the industry."


Ravi Kiran
ARM kiosk

"The event is good."


Vignesh Prabhu and Robin Davis
Wipro kiosk

"The response has been superlatively positive. Many people, especially delegates from the government, gave us great feedback on the applicability of our showcased products. There has also been significant interest among enabling partners. The talks were also good."


Ravinder Gujral
Dexcel Electronics kiosk

"Response is good; met many interesting people. Good show"


Jacob Mathew and C K Unnikrishnan

"Excellent; I was glued to my chair; very thought provoking session; the summit is useful for the industry."


Prasanna R Kalgikar
Ensilica kiosk

"Response is good."


P K Muralidharan and H V Ramakrishna
Systems Aids kiosk

"Good response; met several known people. Such events are good for B2B



Venkata Sunkara
Chip Edge Technologies

"Well organized. The scope was good as were the speakers. The government
perspective was very well captured."


Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
Terminus Circuits

"The event is wonderful; interaction area is great. The speakers are all veterans wonderful. We met a lot of decision makers."


Dr. M J Zarabi

"The summit went well. Must congratulate IESA for all that they are doing to make it participative."


Tessolve Services Pvt. Ltd.

"Conference-wise, it is adding value. In terms of government policies, electronics as an industry, there is learning. It showcases opportunity, informs about good investments. Its great for networking. The talks are by senior people. Their commitment o the electronics and semi conductor industry was clearly visible."


Vaidyanathan Subramanian
IBM kiosk

"IESA is a good forum to showcase our semiconductor offerings. There has been a great interest at the summit for these. We are quite excited about possible collaborations and in fact the overall ecosystem. The talks were of great quality and informative. The summit had the kind of speakers that bring people together. I feel the addition of the E gives IESA more focus. It showcases their expertise is now also focused on products. Thats the way to go. "


Krishna Raj
Manipal Dot Net kiosk

"We got so many people, so many distinguished people visiting our stall. They showed interest in our design services. That makes us feel very good."


Sudhanshu Gupta
Sankalp Semi kiosk

"The summit was good. The summit was useful but we feel that I would have been great if time was allotted in the schedule for people to visit the booths."


Sreeja L
Connoisseur Electronics kiosk

"There were lots of stalls; so we learnt about new technology. Lots of people visited and we have lots of new contacts. We feel it will improve our business."