Shri. Sanjay Jaju
Secretary to Govt.,
IT and Communications Department,
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh


As a Secretary in the IT & Communications Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Shri. Jaju leads the ICT industry promotion and e-governance initiatives. He has been instrumental in promoting the ESDM sector in the state through various policy initiatives. Under Shri. Jajuís guidance, the new Electronic Hardware Manufacturing policy of the state has been released and is being implemented. He has implemented various citizen-centric e-governance programs that help deliver various government services (G2C,G2B,G2G) to the citizens in a convenient, efficient and transparent manner. He is also involved in creation of the Information Technology Investment Region-ITIR, ESDM clusters and the gaming & animation park. He actively supports the sustainable and seamless development of the ICT industry across the state.

Shri. Jaju has over 20 years of experience working with the government under various capacities including District Administration and Head of Food & Public Distribution. Shri. Jaju is a mechanical engineer and cost & management accountant.