Joep van Beurden
Chief Executive Officer, CSR


Joep van Beurden, Chief Executive Officer, was appointed CEO in November 2007. He has over 15 years of experience in managing technology companies in the US and Europe. Prior to joining CSR, Joep was Chief Executive of NexWave Inc., a provider of embedded software solutions for the consumer electronics market based in France. Before joining NexWave, Joep held senior positions at Canesta Inc., a fabless semiconductor company in San Jose, California and Philips Components also in San Jose. Other roles include Engagement Consultant at McKinsey & Company in Amsterdam, Crude Oil Trader for Royal Dutch Shell in Rotterdam and lectured in Physics and Electronics at the University of Zambia in Lusaka. In January 2009, Joep was appointed a director of the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), a not-for-profit organisation supporting collaboration, supply chain integration and innovation in the global semiconductor industry. Joep holds a Masters degree in Applied Physics from Twente University of Technology in Enschede, The Netherlands.