Mr. Guhesh Ramanathan
CEO & Co-founder


An IIT and IIM alumnus, Guhesh has 25 years of experience spanning startups to large organizations with specialization in growing strategic ideas to potential, especially in uncharted terrain.

Guhesh has previously served many companies like IDM, Wipro and Digital Equipment Corporation. He also founded, TVA Help.com Pvt Ltd, providing tech support solutions for the mobile computing Industry; and TVA Infotech, a professional recruitment firm recently acquired by the Allegis Group and is on the advisory board of many global start-up organizations. With an ISEC Level 2 Executive Coach certification, Guhesh mentors many young organizational leaders at IIM Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

As a great influencer, he is an in-demand speaker for many executive and senior leadership level events conducted by IIM.

On personal front, Guhesh is an avid and certified diver and enjoys underwater photography. He has published a book on management wisdom related to diving called ‘The Scuba Sutras: Ten Business Lessons from Under the Sea’.