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Vision Summit 2009 - Session Plan

  Day 1 : Monday Feb 16, 2009
  10.00 am to 10.30 am Keynote Address
  10.30 am to 11.30 am Inauguration
  11.40 am to 1.00 pm Session 1

Local Products, Emerging Opportunities

India's 250+ Million strong consumer market is rapidly growing, where growth is propelled by young, dynamic and lifestyle savvy consumer base. Locally developed technologies have to penetrate deeper into new areas like Entertainment technology, Telemedicine and Medical tourism, which open up a wide variety of opportunities.

Communication infrastructure developments over the decade have thrown up these opportunities for the local talent pool as well. Government incentives, availability of large talent pool, transparent market coupled with resilient and growing economy form a perfect eco-system for any new product development.

"Time is rife" for products focused on Wireless, Healthcare & Life style segments, especially for products with a local touch.


Prof. Rajeev Gowda - Professor – IIMB

Aravind Bharadwaj - CEO Automotive Infotronics
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Ajay Vasudev - Head R&D Nokia India
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Ashish Shah - GE R&D
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  1.00 pm to 2.00 pm Lunch
  2.00 pm to 3.30 pm Session 2

Indian Design Influence, Ideas to Volume

India today is the largest talent pool bank in engineering Research & Design space and has good experience in designing futuristic solutions. Products designed in India, sold under numerous brand names globally have tremendous success stories.

Indian companies can develop suites of Intellectual Property IP and product reference designs. A developer can choose and plug various Imps into a given reference design and produce multiple product variants in short time frames. Engineering service providers support all global semi companies in designing new ASIC solutions. This expertise can be effectively utilized for developing custom solutions for Indian market.

Does India have the strengths required for taking on global market? Where India currently and what is is the way forward?


Jaswinder Ahuja - Corporate Vice President & MD, Cadence Design Systems India
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Ganesh Guruswamy - Director and Country Manager, Freescale Semiconductor India
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Dr Bobby Mitra - MD, Texas Instruments India

Praveen Vishakantaiah - Intel
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  3.30 pm to 4.00 pm Coffee Break
  4.00 pm to 5.30 pm Session 3

Embedded software: Its growing influence on the hardware world

As end-consumers yearn for more applications on their devices, embedded software has taken a pivotal role.The explosion of embedded devices is made possible mainly due to the rapid growth of semiconductor chips -- each year, semiconductor devices become faster, cheaper and less power hungry. The good news about the cutting edge technology from Indian design services perspective is its ascendance in the value chain.

IESA and IDC have projected that the Indian semiconductor and embedded design industry will grow from $6.08 billion in 2007 to $10.96 billion in 2010. As India moves up the embedded value chain, there will be need to "collaborate and innovate."

The Indian design organizations are moving beyond the simple labor cost arbitrage to becoming true contributors to product innovation. Many multinationals have already invested in new design operations in India or expanded their existing facilities.

Embedded systems are customized computing systems in electronic devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras. Designing embedded systems is challenging as the borderline between hardware and software is blurred within the domain.


Anil Gupta - ARM
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V.R. Venkatesh - Senior Vice President – Product Engineering Services,Wipro Technologies
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Kishor Patil - MD & CEO, KPIT Cummins
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Raju Pudota - MD, Denali
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  6.30 pm onwards Networking reception followed by dinner


Jane Owen - Director, UKTI India

R. Chandrasekhar - Spl. Secretary MCIT, Govt. of India

  Day 2 : Tuesday Feb 17, 2009
  9.30 am to 11.00 am Session 4

VC Panel: Pains & Gains of getting funded in tough times

Competition, scalability and stability are some reasons for a start-up to go in for help from venture capitalists. Investors look at the team, valuations, scale, sustainability and a great exit. The entire process takes time, energy and much focus from both sides. Entrepreneurs have to be involved in areas beyond their core competence and need to understand the world of finance and valuations. Accountability is needed in multiple areas.

Today Private Equity PE firms also have a strong market presence. What is the need for Private Equity vis-à-vis other funding options for mature firms? Are venture capitalists the only option for young organizations? And is funding the panacea for all woes?


Samir Kumar - Managing Director, Inventus Capital

Karthee Madasamy - Senior Manager, Business Development, Qualcomm Ventures

Dr. Harish Hande - Managing Director , SELCO

Dr. Kumar Shiralagi - General Partner, NEA-IndoUS Ventures

Sandeep Singhal - Nexus Capital

  11.00 am to 11.30 am Coffee Break
11.30 am to 1.00 pm
Session 5

The Race for Solar Energy: Global Market Dynamic and Opportunities in India

Rising energy demand from China and India have unleashed a worldwide race to access to scarce fossil fuel resources while western companies continue to feel the pain of increased energy costs. Renewable energy presents huge opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs, underscored by concern over a global stalemate surrounding curbs on carbon-dioxide emission The International Energy Agency IEA expects an investment need of about USD 22 trillion in energy-supply infrastructure. India’s need alone would be around USD 1.25 trillion changing global balance points in resources.


K. Jairaj IAS - Principal Secretary - Energy, Govt. Of Karnataka

K. Subramanya - CEO, Tata Solar BP Solar
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Edwin Koot - CEO, SolarPlaza
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Dr. Philip Douglas - First Secretary, Climate Finance and Technologies within the joint British High Commission – DFID India Climate Change and Energy Unit
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Dr. Rajiv Arya - CEO, Moser Baer Photo Voltaics
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  1.00 pm to 2.00 pm Lunch
  2.00 pm to 3.30 pm Session 6

Managing in Challenging Times: Strategies for the Indian knowledge sector

The technology sector is a knowledge-based one. The industry has to routinely deliver higher levels of integration in ever-shorter product cycles. Through decades of constant improvement, the industry has learnt to survive and even thrive under the harshest conditions. It has managed to maintain a long-term growth trajectory and relatively consistent profitability among its leading companies. It is a shining example of what ingenuity and perseverance can accomplish.

In the current scenario, existing enterprises will be challenged by the business climate and the evolving market environment as much as by emerging companies. The competition will extend itself to customers, talent, and more. What should companies in this dynamic world do, how do they face up to the challenges, retain their people, position and still grow?


Ashutosh Sinha - News Editor, NDTV

Dr. Vivek Mohindra - Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Transformation, Freescale Semiconductor
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Dr. S. L. Rao - Member of Board of Director of Reliance Power Chairman, Board of Governors of the Institute for Social and Economic Change and former Director General of the National Council of Applied Economic Research

Dr. G. Venkatesh - Board Member Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, Sasken
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  4.00 pm Closure

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