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India: Gateway to Future Markets -

Unleashing Opportunities

Rapid technological changes, while making transactions more seamless, will reinforce the process of global integration. It has been said that the battles of this century will be fought and won on the “power of ideas.” Societies will increasingly become knowledge-based and promote knowledge-based industries.

India has a distinct comparative advantage as a vast reservoir of skilled manpower. The demographic differentials reveal that India has distinct advantages in a population profile concentrated in the younger age group, where many new opportunities can be fully optimized. The ‘Winning Strategies in Economic Development Marketing’ survey 2008, conducted by Development Counselors International has ranked India as the second-best country for business investment.

Today, the global slowdown has gripped every industry sector and the effect has been felt by enterprises of all sizes. To win in the Indian market and potentially in other emerging economies, tech providers must first transform their organizational design – and more critically their mental models – to act as true globally-adaptive organizations. In particular, vendors must cleverly exploit their international experience to broker knowledge and innovation between the Western markets and the Indian economy.

Poster session at IESA Vision Summit 2009

As the IESA VS 2009 draws closer we are seeing interest from member companies as also potential business partnerships from UK, Europe and Japan. We trust that you are firming up your plans to be at this key event for the semiconductor industry.

This year we focus on the capabilities of companies in the Indian market. In addition to the main conference at the Vision Summit, we would have poster session with one on one meeting space in the Diya Hall at the Leela Palace.

Poster booths will be allotted on first cum first basis. We are glad to inform you that all the booths have been taken as of now.

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