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Theme: Evolving Domestic Market: Growth Driver for the Indian Electronics Industry

Today, semiconductors are the core of any electronic device. Electronic devices are used in almost every application: consumer electronics, telecommunications, computers, industrial controls, automotive controls, etc.

India aspires to become a leader in the global electronics industry, and to achieve this, the country needs to provide a strong fillip to its hardware sector. According to the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2006, India jumped from 39th to 29th - the largest increase by any of the 60 most competitive countries.

The semiconductor design phase has the greatest impact on the cost, manufacturability and systems level upgradeability/compatibility in the long term, and is, therefore, the most important part of the electronic hardware value chain. The design and development services have been our crown jewel... innate strengths in fabless semiconductor design are our pride. Silicon intellectual property is emerging as the next frontier to conquer.

Manufacturing is emerging strongly but surely and, with the active support and participation of the Government, will go far. However, the deciding factor is the domestic market that creates the pull for both manufacturing and design to grow in the country.




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