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Anil Mankar
Senior VP-Worldwide Core Engineering & Chief Development Officer
Conexant Systems

Anil Mankar is Vice President of Set Top Box and VLSI Engineering. He has been with the company since 1994 and has managed the teams responsible for streamlining the VLSI ASIC design methodology, improving design cycle time and system architecture definition for PC audio, modem, and networking technology. His team has delivered complete system VLSI solutions which include DSP, Digital ASIC’s and Mixed Signal IC for Conexant’s dial-up modems, PC Audio, ADSL, wireless, Ethernet powerline and home network processor product families which are currently shipping in high volume. His areas of interest include deep submicron design, SOC verification and design methodology, and process technology.

Prior to joining Conexant, Mr. Mankar was manager of the system VLSI design team at Western Digital, where he oversaw system architecture and VLSI implementation of core logic for the first 16- and 32-bit notebook chipsets used in the Intel microprocessor based notebook designs. He also served as hardware engineering manager at ACS International in Dallas, Texas, MMC Digital Systems in Calcutta, India. Early in his career, Mr. Mankar was responsible for development of multi-user multi-CPU microcomputer systems and IBM compatible motherboards.

Mr. Mankar received both a master’s in computer science and a bachelor’s in electrical and electronics engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, India.