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Ajay M Marathe

Ajay, born in 1961, grew up in Bombay, India. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Production Engineering from Victoria Jubilee Tech Institute, one of the oldest and prestigious engineering colleges in India. In 1983 he graduated from with a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering from Texas Tech University.

In April 1984, Ajay joined Advanced Micro Devices in Sunnyvale, CA as an Industrial Engineer in their facilities department. In 1986, Ajay moved to AMD’s bipolar memories group in the Processing Engineering department and in 1988 was promoted to Engineering Supervisor for worldwide manufacturing operations. Ajay and his engineering team were responsible for the entire product and process transfer of Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand. In 1996, Ajay moved back to Bangkok, Thailand as Director of Operations and was responsible for the entire operation which was producing Non-Volatile Flash memory products and some Programmable Logic products.

In 1997, Ajay was promoted to Director of Global Logistics for all of AMD and then in 1999, he was made Vice President of Operations and Global Supply Management. In this position, Ajay led 2 of AMD’s biggest manufacturing operations, one in Penang, Malaysia and the second one in Singapore. AMD was first to produce the 1 GHz processor and Ajay and his entire team of 3,000 were responsible to produce this chip and bring it to the hands of the customers. As the Chief Procurement Officer of the company, Ajay oversaw an annual budget of $3 billion in the form of direct and indirect material used by AMD to make 30 million processors and approximately 300 million memory chips every year.

In 2002, Ajay became the Chief Information Officer and led the group to form a collaborative partnership with an IT services provider, to lower the total cost of IT deployment across the company and to leverage this technology to its competitive advantage.

Ajay and his family relocated to Bangalore, India in 2004 to set up a sales/marketing/business development organization and establish a silicon design and software development group in India. The AMD India team under Ajay’s leadership posted over 100 percent growth for AMD in India, growing 3 times that of the market, 3 years in a row.

Ajay was honored in 2006 for the second consecutive time, as one of the top 25 executives in India by the CRN magazine. In April 2006, Ajay completed his 22nd year with AMD.

AMD today is a $6 billion, 15,000 people strong, Fortune 500 company, producing and selling over 60 million microprocessors every year.

After an illustrious well rounded career of nearly 23 years with AMD, Ajay has decided to move on to another super exciting opportunity as Chief Operating Officer of SemIndia.