SIG IoT - Assistance Scheme

Released By: TiE Bangalore
Release Date: 09/14/2014

IoT is a rapidly evolving area and there are very few established models to adopt. India also has not yet developed a strong vibrant eco - system to manufacture electronic products. Thus startups lack access to experts, consultants and organizations to help them in the journey.


We have seen the need for mentoring and financing that are common for Entrepreneurís and Startups. TiE for example provides a great deal of help to entrepreneurs and to startups through various programmes throughout the year that encompass education, mentoring and networking. TiE has had a long history in Bangalore and his had notable successes in nurturing entrpereneurs like Phanindra Sama of redBus and Sirish Kosaraju of RapidValue, Anish Basu Roy from Channelyst etc. and has a strong record of success.

TiE has flagship initiatives like: AnthahPrerana, EAP, TiE Workshops.

Mentoring is provided by TiE Charter Members who are either successful entrepreneurs or corporate executives from companies like Janakiraman S, Somshubhro Pal Choudhury, Vivek Mansingh among others.
However there are a number of special areas for IoT. We are starting a scheme to help in these special areas.

TiE IESA goal is to build a vibrant IoT ecosystem. To make this concrete we hope to select between 3 to 30 entrepreneursí to help in different areas. Initially we will work with a small group of 3-5 companies each in the areas of DFM, Testing and Interoperability. Based on our experience we will revise and launch a larger and more continuing scheme. Applicants who were not selected in the initial round will be eligible in subsequent rounds. The scheme is open to all Entrepreneursí and is not limited to IESA or TiE members. For any clarification please contact

The Assistance will cover mentoring, guidance in selecting experts and consultants and ESDM partners . Financing as such is not yet on offer.

Application are open now till 30 Oct 2014. Please apply by submitting information using the forms provided here. Apply Now!

We will process the applications and may seek clarifications or better understanding of your needs. We will communicate the selection by 15 November 2014.

We expect to run the pilot assistance scheme from November 2014 till April 2015 . We may be able to finish some of the pilots earlier . Given below are the three sub group focus areas: