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Are you ready for an IoT  journey? Know more from MediaTek Labs
Are you a hobbyist, maker, an IoT Startup OR someone thinking of starting up, a student or a faculty, be part of the session by MediaTek Labs that takes you through awesome Internet of Things (IoT). More than anyother transformative technology, IoT requires different aspects to be embedded HW, SW, Sensors, Data, Analytics and people. Everything has to work in harmony for your IoT idea to be converted to a prototype.

Come and be part of this session to know about:

  • Battle for staying connected (Whats an ideal connected device?) 15 mins
  • Potential of MediaTek LinkIt development platform for quick prototyping for IoT, Wearables along with a range of compatible sensors 60 mins
  • Support from MediaTek Labs platform for your journey from Idea Prototype Product Commercialization 30 mins
  • Q & A 15 mins - 20 mins
If you have an idea, we have an ecosystem. Come, join us and know the capability of incredible LinkIt platform.

Register on to be part of this technical session. Please send the confirmation email to to reserve a seat for you at the technical session.