IoT Conference on Smart Agriculture & Smart



The Internet of Things (IoT), the new frontier of technological innovation in today’s world, is grabbing significant mindshare from entrepreneurs and consumers alike. The demand for connected devices spans multiple industries including the energy, automotive and consumer spaces. For each of them, the need for devices that can report or react to certain things provides a new level of convenience, efficiency and automation.

IoT has the potential to be key to the farming industry, increasing food production by 70% to feed the 9.6 billion global population expected by 2050. Smart farming will allow farmers to improve productivity and reduce waste. It is imperative for the farming industry to embrace the use of precision agriculture and harness the benefits of IoT to better understand the wider conditions that lead to variability’s. Embedding intelligence into the design and operation of machines will allow sensor information to be combined with other data and the knowledge of the farmer.

Internet-connected devices have been introduced to patients in various forms. Sensors interact with physical world and provides rich data to empower Internet of Things. Whether data comes from fetal monitors, electrocardiograms, temperature monitors or blood glucose levels, tracking health information is vital for some patients. Many of these measures include follow-up interaction with a healthcare professional. This creates an opening for smarter devices to deliver more valuable data, lessening the need for direct patient-physician interaction.

IESA in association with TiE Bangalore & Mediatek invites you to a Panel Discussion on the use of IoT to make the industries of Agriculture and Healthcare “Smart”. The panel discussion will be followed by a product showcase and a technical workshop focusing on IoT.

Registering participants need to indicate if they will join technical session scheduled for 11:30 am. Only 25 seats are open for hand on technical session. Register on to be part of this technical session. Please send the confirmation email to to reserve a seat for you at the technical session.