Prof. S V Raghavan

Chief Architect & Chairman
Technical Advisory Committee of National Knowledge Network
Prof. S. V. Raghavan is a distinguished person, talented professional and an active researcher, having more than three decades of rich experience in the field of teaching, research and administration. He is currently serving as the Scientific Secretary (Rank of Secretary to Government of India) in the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor to Government of India and Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai. Prof Raghavan is also an Adjunct professor in the Department of Computer Science in IIT Delhi.

Prof. S V Raghavan is the Chief Architect of India’s National Knowledge Network (NKN). He is a member of the High Level Committee for NKN constituted by the Prime Minister of India and Chairs the Technical Advisory Committee of the National Knowledge Network (NKN). As the Chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee, he shoulders the responsibility for design, implementation and demonstration of the National Knowledge Network. Prof Raghavan played a key role in reconciling the approaches followed by the NMEICT (National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology) and NKN and absorbed the educational institutions in to NKN, through a carefully designed technology-based migration strategy. Recently, Shri Sam Pitroda and Shri Nandan Nilekani have appointed him as Chairman, Technical Advisory Committee for defining a resilient architecture and to design the National Optical fiber Network (NOFN). As the Chairman of NOFN, Professor Raghavan looks at technology options and synergy across government entities such as BSNL, RailTel, Power Grid, NIC, CDOT and USOF for bridging the Digital Divide between urban and rural parts of India to serve the cause of inclusive education and health care. One of the key contributions of Prof Raghavan is the identification of technological possibilities, using which “more juice” can be extracted from the fiber system, which is the buried treasure of the nation. Recently, he captured these opportunities in his talk to the Indian Nuclear Society on “Changing face of Telecom”. Besides, Raghavan Chairs the Direct To Home (DTH) effort of Ministry of Human Resources Development for establishing 1000 DTH channels. Being an academic, he synergizes across NKN, NMEICT, NOFN, and DTH for end user applications such as Education and Health.

Prof Raghavan launched in 2007, a multi - institutional project across eight institutions with different background to understand the nuances involved in collaborative research, where IIT, NIT, Central University, State Technical University, State University, and Autonomous aided colleges were involved. He led the effort by playing the role of the Consortium Leader and Chief Investigator of the Collaborative Directed Basic Research project on Smart and Secure Environment (SSE) sponsored by National Technical Research Organization, Government of India - a project that benefited eight institutions. He continues to play that role even today.

Professor Raghavan is the Program Director of the joint program between India and Australia for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (ClIP) against Distributed Denial of Service attacks, and is the Founder-President of the Indo-Australian Information Technology Security Society. Hon. Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia, has visited the Network System Laboratory, when she was the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Education and appreciated the joint program.

He has donned various roles at lIT Madras such as Chairman of Integrated Computing Environment (ICE), Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and Director of Network Systems Laboratory (NSL) for three decades. Under his stewardship, NSL pioneered the indigenous development of OSI Model in software and transferred as technology to Department of Telecommunications, Government of India in 1991 for automating the erstwhile 197 (Telephone Enquiry) and 198 (Fault Booking). He established the office of Dean (Planning) in IIT Madras and served as the Founder- Dean during 2003-2005. During his tenure Prof Raghavan established a fully automated State-of-the-art Data Center and a Campus Network. He is a founder member of ERNET (Education and Research Network) project (contemporary of DARPA of United States), which was jointly funded by Government of India and United Nations Development Program. As an expert member, Prof Raghavan participated in the National Task force on Technology for Payment Systems setup by Reserve Bank of India and contributed to the Monetary Policy of 2000.

Combining scientific research and innovation, Prof Raghavan has devised an Infrared Imaging System based on non-invasive method for Breast Cancer screening and transferred the technology to industry. Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) is planning to launch a Clinical Trial across the country in leading Cancer Hospitals of India, based on the technology and the medical device created by Professor Raghavan. The scholastic article in this subject has appeared in the in the November 2011 issue of the Indian Journal of Medical Research.

The scientific contributions of Professor Raghavan are immeasurable. Prof. S. V. Raghavan has several Publications covering books, monographs, conference proceedings, as well as journal and conference papers. Prof Raghavan is the Chief Editor of the recently launched journal - CSI Transaction on ICT – being published by Springer worldwide. He is a Director of the CSI Publications Limited, a wholly owned company of Computer Society of India. He cherishes the two articles he wrote for public consumption – Gigabit and Gandhi and the Limited Geography Experiment, in 2006 and 2007 respectively, as they are being realized through NKN, NMEICT, NOFN, and DTH.

Prof. S V Raghavan represents India in the Board of Technical Committee 6 on Data Communications of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP). He was invited to deliver the Keynote on National Knowledge Network: An Instrument of Social Transformation at the world Computer Conference 2010 held in Brisbane, Australia.

Prof Raghavan has been recognized and awarded at National and Global level for his excellence and contribution towards the Country's growth and security. The Outstanding Alumnus awarded by Anna University (MIT Campus) and the Silver Core awarded by International federation for Information Processing (IFIP), are very special to him. Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Government of India has appointed Prof Raghavan as the Chairman, Board of Governors of Indian Institute of Information Technology (Design and Manufacturing), Jabalpur, India.
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