Mr. Nitin Dahad

Global Value Chain Specialist, ICT Team, Sectors Group
UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) Sector Specialist Nitin Dahad brings substantial experience from the ICT Sector to contribute to the prosperity of the UK.

His role with UKTI involves supporting activities that develop business opportunities for UK high-tech companies in India, Brazil, Middle East and Africa, and raise the profile of the UK technology sector globally.

Nitin is a senior industry professional and entrepreneur with a long track record of working in the global high tech sector. He assisted with the start up of a US operation for a UK company that led to exceptional growth and investment. Nitin has developed business and helped raise finance for companies from blue-chip, NASDAQ listed enterprises through to SMEís and start-ups.

His expertise can add value to any international business proposition related to:

¤ Wireless technology
¤ Communications
¤ Semiconductors
¤ Electronics

Nitin has over 25 years in the global electronics, semiconductors, wireless/telecoms and industrial electronics sectors, building up a wide network of contacts in industry, trade bodies, public sector and government that will be of substantial support to UK companies seeking to approach international markets. Nitin is a well-known and respected figure in the electronics and communications industry, and has worked with a variety of high technology companies throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA.

UK companies he has worked with include ARC International, GEC Plessey Semiconductor and Marconi Instruments, where he took charge of marketing, brand, business development, and investor relations, and was particularly active in the US where major customers were based. With ARC International, he was a leading member of the small team that launched ARCís first office in San Josť, CA, spending alternate weeks in California over four years to aggressively develop the companyís profile with potential customers, partners and investors at all levels.

In India, he has written and consulted about the emergence of the Indian high-tech, electronics and communications industry since 1993.

He has held positions on the boards of various public and private sector organisations as well as charities. Nitin holds a BSc in Electronic Engineering and is a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.
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