Dr. Partho Mishra

Vice President & General Manager
Cisco Service Provider Access Business Unit - India
Cisco Service Provider Access Business Unit (PABU) which is part of Cisco’s Service Provider Networking Group. In his current role, he is responsible for Cisco’s worldwide Service Provider Access Routing products, including the ASR 901/903, ME 3400/3600/3800 and CPT 50/200/600 product lines.

He was previously Vice President and General Manager at Marvell Semiconductors, where his business unit developed WiFi, Bluetooth and WiMax chip-sets for laptops, smart-phones, digital cameras, gaming platforms and access points. This included pioneering low power and MiFi wireless technologies that were adopted in consumer electronics devices such as the SONY PSP/PS3, Microsoft Xbox and Apple Iphone.

He has been involved as part of the initial technology/founding team in two Silicon Valley start-ups: Airgo Networks (acquired by Qualcomm) and Iospan Wireless (acquired by Intel) that developed the first MIMO Wireless LAN and Wireless WAN technologies/products respectively. Prior to that he was at AT&T Labs-Research and AT&T Bell Labs-Research where he worked on network architecture and basic research.

He has more than 40 issued US patents and several applications outstanding. He has more than 30 published papers in IEEE/ACM journals and conferences. Dr Mishra holds a B.Tech (Hons) degree in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur (1988) and MS/PhD degrees in Computer Science from University of Maryland – College Park (1993).
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