Dr. Ramanujan Kashi,

Senior Research Scientist
 Avaya India Private Limited
Dr. Ramanujan Kashi is a Senior Research Scientist of Multimedia Technologies Research at Avaya. He and his team contribute to Avaya's research in document image processing, SMS and digital ink, user authentication, collaboration and e-learning, streaming video, self-service systems, and the use of these technologies in Avaya's CRM and VoIP offers.

Dr. Kashi obtained his bachelorís from Mysore University, and masterís and doctoral degrees from Rutgers University in New Jersey, US. Soon after, he joined AT&T Bell Laboratories at Murray Hill in 1994 as Member of Technical Staff, transferred to Lucent Bell Labs in 1996 and subsequently, Avaya Labs Research in 2000. In 2004, he relocated to India to start a research group in multimedia at the company's wholly-owned subsidiary, called Avaya India Private Limited. He has numerous book chapters, edited a book on document processing, and over 40 publications and seven patents.

ava has several publications in international conferences and journals, and has been an invited speaker at national and international conferences.

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