Professor Sadagopan

Founder Director, IIIT Bangalore
Professor Sadagopan is an outstanding teacher – having taught for a full term at Rutgers University New Jersey, USA, IIT, Madras, India and AIT Bangkok, Thailand, in addition to short term visits to several premier Universities around the world (including Stanford & MIT). He had taught courses in the Enterprise Area (ERP, E-Business, E-Commerce, Enterprise Systems), Computing & Communications Area (Programming Languages, Database, Networking, Systems Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures, Software Architecture), Information Systems (MIS, DSS, ES) and Operations Research (Optimization, Simulation, Quantitative Methods, Statistics, Probability, Stochastic Processes). He has authored two textbooks - Management Information Systems (Prentice Hall 1995) and ERP - A Managerial Perspective (Tata McGraw Hill 1999), in addition to several book chapters.

Professor Sadagopan’s research work has appeared in several national and international journals including IEEE Transactions, European J of Operational Research, J of Optimization Theory & Applications, Naval Research Logistics, Simulation, Decision Support Systems, ACM Ubiquity etc., He is a referee for several journals and serves on the editorial boards of many journals. Professor consults extensively to some of the largest private & public sector corporations in India, in Computing, Communications, Software, Automotive, Oil and Power industries as well as social sector. He is a member of the Board of Directors of several private and public sector corporations; he is also a member of the Board of Studies of several Universities.

Professor Sadagopan is a featured Columnist for Times of India (the world’s largest English Newspaper) and several magazines.

He was a Fulbright Scholar and his name is listed in Marquis’s Who's Who in the World since 1997.

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