Talent CIG Activities    
A subset of IESA initiated by a group of dedicated experienced engineering professional who felt the need to work towards uplifting the current education structure to produce better next generation engineers (Electronics & Computer Science) who will focus on adding value to the corporate world with the skills acquired though learning process.

Talent CIG currently consists of senior semi-conductor industry veterans with in depth knowledge and experience in their respective fields. These individuals have thrived though their career and have put their experiences as a path for learning. They play an important role in some of the big multinationals like Qualcomm, Intel, Cadence, Sankalp, AMD, Ittiam Semiconductor and many more.
Vision & Mission:

Create employable students for ESDM through a strong industry-academia partnership.

Create significant difference in employability of Students for ESDM in 10 colleges by 2015.


  • Integrity
  • Team comes first
  • Accountability for creating a difference
  • Identifying academic partners who share the same vision to promote effective learning and teaching methodology
  • Collaborate within the industry partners/members to establish a standard of education in electronic sector for defining quality output engineers
Core Team:
  • Vivek Pawar
    CEO of Sankalp Semiconductor, the head of IESA Talent CIG, key driver and motivator behind Talent CIG recognition
  • Srikanth Jadcherla
    Chairman of Seer Akademi, donor of NPTEL course contents, creator of the Revised Bloom’s taxonomy adaptation framework
  • Nagaraj Subramanyam
    Director, Eklakshya VLSI R & D Centre Pvt. Ltd
  • Radhika Jadcherla
    COO of Seer, primary driver of instructors and reviewers, interface to NPTEL
  • Anuradha Srinivasan
  • Venu Puvvada
    VP Engineering – Qualcomm Bangalore
  • Anantha Bhatt
  • Venkat Sunkara
    CEO ChipEdge
  • Ravi Shankar Ganeshan
  • Sunil Matange
  • Dr. Pradeep Jana, Ph.D
Pilot Project:
The pilot started by incorporating select courses in three major colleges. SIET, MSRIT and BMS. The current curriculum was analyzed and with the college committee approval a few courses were added as core and a few as elective. The idea of the pilot was to move students from the traditional learning structure to a more experience based learning platform

Training Partners:
Working towards its mission and vision, Talent CIG has partnered with PiTech and Seer Akademi to build curriculum standard to be adopted in universities and colleges for creating a talent poll that can add value and productivity towards industry growth.
Presentations :
IESA NETRA Presentation
Training Delivery Model:
Seer akademi donated the platform to support the mission. Link to Seer akademi page
Faculty Testimonials
"Concepts were clear. Course made a self confident to face the interview. Students felt proud to be unique from others. Thanks for the seer to be the pioneer of IESA value added course."
- Yamuna, faculty
Student Testimonials
"Classes held for last 3 months were so useful and helped us a lot in understanding the new concept. I enjoyed the class and I learnt a lot from you."
- Sukanya
"The course was good. We were able to understand the concepts well. You really helped us nicely and clarified the doubts at each and every cost of time whenever we have asked."
- Pavithra
"This course was very useful to us. We learnt something different from others in our class. Seer akademi provide good opportunity to us to gain knowledge."
- Tamil Arasi
"Thank you for the support given by you. It was really awesome class. Your teaching was very good. We could be able to learn many things about System Verilog and also helped us to come out of our stage fear. Your friendly nature helped us to feel comfortable. We need your support in future also."
- Preethi
IESA -Seer Akademi -SIET ADLV Course Feedback :
Date : 23 March, 2015
Number of Students : 27
Number of absentees : 3
Venue : Coimbatore
Get Involved:
Talent CIG is dedicated to bringing change to the age old tradition of teaching and Talent Identification. Come support the thought and give your contribution back to the next generation by imparting your knowledge. Be it an advocate, Counselor, Brand Ambassador. Share your expertise though Talent CIG.

Disclaimer: (Approval is done by the core team)
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