About Membership Services    

Membership services aims at enhancing the Industry reach out through membership and core groups. These core groups focus on various segments/verticals of the ESDM industry.

Any organization, firm, society, company or division involved in the activity of business or research in the area of ESDM or associated services, is eligible for membership.

The factors that are considered most important for granting membership with IESA are:

  • Credible management team
  • Track record in business operations
  • Robust financial commitment
  • Local content in the products and services

Membership is restricted to corporate bodies:

Indian ESDM companies

  • India headquartered
  • Public sector

Multinational companies

  • ATMP companies
  • Distributors of equipment & materials
  • EDA companies
  • Embedded semiconductor software and hardware companies
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Legal firms
  • Semiconductor/electronics system
  • Service provider ( part of semiconductors / electronics design & manufacturing eco  system
  • Universities
  • Venture funds
  • Other ecosystem participants

For more information please contact membership@iesaonline.org