Hosted by Mouser, IoT Technical Roadshow 2017 arrives in India.

This event proposes solutions for the future of IoT in the region using latest modules, technologies and development boards. It also includes success stories using 4G and GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart communications.

7th July 2017 : Bangalore - Industry 4.0 & Smart City
21st July 2017 : Delhi - IoT Security & Smart City
8th Sep 2017 : Pune - Connected Car / Smart Vehicle &
Smart City:The IoT future
15th Sep 2017 : Chennai - Industry 4.0
22nd Sep 2017 : Hyderabad - Communications in IoT

Wireless Communications for IoT

This class teaches you to interact with Wi-Fi, LoRa, Bluetooth and 4G modules that will allow you to make scalable systems for the Internet of Things, in addition to applications in smart cities, home automation and security along with detailed explanation of the hardware and application examples.

Bluetooth 5: Reinventing Connectivity and Advancing Industrial IoT

Learn the latest version of the ubiquitous Bluetooth 5 wireless connectivity standard that delivers increased speed, frugal power consumption, low implementation cost, extensive market penetration and is now poised to become a major contender in home automation, IIoT and beaconing with mesh networking capability.

Sensors and Services for IoT

Participate actively in measuring pollution in your area. You can measure the impact of small actions such as cycling to work or climbing stairs instead of using the elevator. All information is processed in the cloud so you can compare it with other points in your city. Learn to integrate the sensors and communication modules to realize the complete system.

Wearable’s - Connecting the Human Body to the IoT

We cannot deny synergies between the IoT and healthcare applications, particularly medical devices that are wearable (or even implanted under the skin). Wearable medical devices must be small, unobtrusive, power-efficient and reliable — these represent the challenges that IoT takes in its stride. However, making the human body a part of IoT also introduces some unique new challenges that we will uncover in our sessions.

IoT Security: Place Your Trust in a Module

Data security is a very hot topic at the moment. It’s rare to get through a day without hearing news of a large corporation or an individual getting ‘burnt’. With billions of devices exchanging information, however insignificant, it stands to reason that many of them are going to provide a potential backdoor into users’ networks, either individuals or companies. It represents a data security nightmare. Hear from industry leaders about the latest in IoT technologies and modules being developed to defend their devices and data from external attacks.

IoT Consumers and Markets of the Future

In an increasingly interconnected world, new opportunities are constantly being created for consumers and businesses. The importance of IoT can be vital in both economic and social spheres, especially in the digital age. Do not miss the talk of industry experts and learn about the tools to generate value with the use of technology.

Highlights include

  • Industry 4.0
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Smart Transportation & Connected Vehicles
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • The IIoT: Making it happen
  • Smart Cities & Smart Metering
  • Smart Homes