IESA Technovation Awards 2009  

Technovation Awards 2009 is an initiative of the India Semiconductor Association (IESA).

In today’s knowledge-intensive world, a nation’s strength lies in its capability to innovate in its core technology areas. Therefore it is imperative for us to have a strategy and put in sustained effort to promote and propagate semiconductor research in our R&D institutions.

About Technovation

Recognizing Innovation: A Rewarding Experience

At the foundation of today’s knowledge economy rests a country’s ability to innovate in core technology areas. The semiconductor domain is fast becoming a core technology area, contributing to a country’s technological and economic strength.

India Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA) is committed to building and strengthening a semiconductor ecosystem in India. To encourage innovation in semiconductor research, IESA instituted the Technovation Awards from year 2007.

IESA’s Technovation initiative©, touches upon many facets to provide continuous momentum towards promoting innovation in semiconductor research. The Technovation awards shall recognize and promote excellence in the field of semiconductor research and innovation and also offer incentives to fresh talent to excel.

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