IESA Start-up to Watch Award  
IESA Start-up to Watch - Winner

Saankhya Labs. Saankhya Labs is a fabless semiconductor startup based in Bangalore. Saankhya has developed world’s first Multi-standard TV demodulation technology targeted for Digital TV and PC TV Tuner applications. Saankhya’s unique product enables for the first time a truly universal TV demodulator, capable of demodulating all digital and analog TV signals on a single chip.

IESA Start-up to Watch - Honourable Mention

Cosmic Circuits is a leading provider of differentiated Analog and Mixed-Signal silicon IP for integration on to System-on-Chips. With a single-minded focus on Analog, and a large team of expert analog designers, Cosmic Circuits offers quality analog Hard-IP solutions for integration into nanometer silicon process nodes.

The company has seen a growth rate of 40 to 45% for the past few years and despite the economic slowdown of last year it had positive growth.