Call for Participation in Anveshan IoT

If you have an idea in the rapidly growing and evolving Internet of Things (IoT) space that would transform tomorrow, Join                    Anveshan  2016!

Anveshan gives an opportunity for the Indian engineering students, startups in the university incubators, graduating students and     alumni to showcase their innovation, learn, design, architect an innovative IoT product, technology, algorithm or an IoT service, in a low risk setting with guidance and funding from Analog Devices for 9 months.

Anveshan 2016 invites IoT proposals focused (but not limited to) on the following vertical areas as below


          Smart city                  Industrial IoT 

           Agriculture                Healthcare (including consumer wearables)

Besides gaining an experience of your lifetime, stand a chance to win cash price as well !



  Startups, Makers, Hobbyists, Alumni, and Students who are graduating would fall under the Professionals or non-student                category.  All are encouraged to apply, but will be accessed and appraised separately versus the university student teams.

For Student teams, this could be your final year project. 

Student teams are required to have a Faculty Advisor from the university as a mentor. Analog Devices will also assign a mentor       to the student team.

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