Quotes from Industry Leaders on IESA Vision Summit 2012  


Dr. Ajay Kumar IAS
Joint Secretary
Dept. of IT, Ministry of CIT
Government of India

"I must complement IESA for having organized this event, and thank them even more for their efforts to partner with the government to see that the initiatives that are required are provided with necessary leadership, guidance and collaboration."

Dr. Omkar Rai
Director General
Government of India

"It was a well organised and focused summit which drew maximum attention from all the stakeholders. I must congratulate all of you for organising such a summit. We would continue to support IESA in your future endeavours."
Dr. Partho Mishra
Vice President and General Manager
Cisco Service Provider BusinessĖIndia

"The discussions during the session were very stimulating and I look forward to coming again next year!"
Prasanto Roy
President & Chief Editor
CyberMedia Publications
" Session was pretty good. My suggestion is to reduce the time spent on presentations and increase the Q&A time. Also, as a moderator, it would have helped to have an overview of the session, the speakers and their presentations. Otherwise, great event."
D A Mohan
Chief Executive Officer
DAC Intl.

"Excellent. Good speakers and very good content. Very good participation and food as well."
Dr. Shyam Vasudevarao
President and CTO
Forus Health Pvt. Ltd.

"Fantastic. A good mix of people in the panel. What was interesting was the flow of content - each speakerís session led perfectly to the next speakerís agenda."
Arunjai Mittal
Management Board Member Responsible for Sales,
Marketing and Strategy Development
Infineon Technologies AG

"Very good. The sessions were very useful and very professionally conducted."
Dr. Hemant Kanakia
Kanakia Ventures LLC

"The session went off very well considering the number of people and we had lively exchange between panelists and audience participation was high. Overall, my impression of VS2012 has been great and seemed very well attended."

Vijay Naik
CEO & President
Karmic US LLC

"Iíd like to say it was great. There was tremendous interest in what we are doing. We are being asked how we train students; that is huge. Vision Summit is a great venue to meet people and network. Iím surprised at the wide range of people from different parts of the industry who are here. Knowledge is the one commodity that doesnít reduce by sharing."
Veeresh Shetty
Senior Marketing Manager
Mentor Graphics (I) Pvt. Ltd.

"VS2012 has been very good. Currently the focus is usually on India and some global speakers. We would like to see more top notch India CEOs and Global CEOs coming here. Also, we would like to see more start-ups attending such summits. We have made a good beginning this year and we would like to see the event at a newer level next year."
Sharon Holt
Senior Vice President & General Manager,
Semiconductor Business Group
Rambus Inc

"Vision Summit is a great forum which brings together the industry. It gives a unique platform for peers to interact.

K Krishna Moorthy
Corporate Sr. Director & MD,
India Design Center
Rambus Chip Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.

"This year has been particularly good. Very good lineup of speakers. Going forward I think you should try to bring in people form adjacent areas such as VCs, actual manufacturing people, and so on. Also, I would like to see discussions around the human resources side of our industry - our people, our work culture, continuous learning process etc."
Matteo Lo-Presti
IMS Group Vice President Systems Lab & Technical Marketing General Manager Subsystems Product Group General Manager

"The session was good. There was good interaction between the panelists and the moderator. The preparations were good. It would have been good to have more Q&A time."
Ramesh Sethuraman - Kisan Raja

"Winning this award feels very good. Farmers are our target market - whenever we think of consumer products, nobody thinks of farmers. So winning this feels good and it definitely helps. It improves our brand image. It helps in marketing and in getting business partners."
Sanjay Gupta
Senior Vice President Product Engineering Solutions
Wipro Technologies

"The event has been very useful and our session I thought was very good and interactive and an opportunity to share views with leaders in the industry and government in both the formal forums as well as in the networking session over dinner."
Neeraj Varma
Director of Sales
Xilinx India Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.

"VS has been a wonderful platform to learn about trends. It is also a great opportunity to meet thought leaders and hear them talk about the themes that drive the ESDM industry. Perfect platform for everyone. The event is also very well organized."
T N Mohan
Business Development Manager
Tessolve Services Pvt. Ltd.

"It is a very good initiative by IESA. We are very happy about winning the Technovation Award from IESA. The award has given motivation to our company and our employees."
Madhavi Rao
Marcom Manager
Cadence Design Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.

"I see much more attendance this time, a clear indicator of the fact that the ecosystem and IESAís membership is growing. The programme was very good with very good speakers."