Media Room

IESA will provide computers with internet connections at the venue for the use of media only.

The basic facilities will include

  • A media registration desk.

  • IESA contact for media interaction, Madhu Prasad at  / +91 9980557327

  • IESA will provide a meeting room for media to meet with the the speakers and other spokesperson.

  • This will be a good platform to make company announcements in presence of global media and target audience. IESA has allotted a special hall for such press meets. This booking can be done on first cum first basis.

Press releases and media updates from IESA

  • Press release and media updates will be posted on the IESA site on the date of dissemination.

  • Key items of coverage will be available on the website.

Press releases

  • IESA must approve all releases containing IESA quotes.
  • IESA requires 2 working days to fulfill this process.
  • IESA does not distribute releases for its members and sponsors.

Interviews for key spokespersons of participating companies


  • IESA can facilitate focused interviews for key spokespersons of participating companies.

  • IESA will pass on enquires received or give the journalist the contact at the company.

Banner and tiles on web sites

  • IESA urges you to post banners on your website.
  • We also urge you to avail of opportunities available to advertise on the IESA website.

Media associate :

For sponsorship opportunities please contact Gaurav at