IESA track at CeBIT India
Keynote address by Dr. Devi Shetty
Technology challenges in the field of medical electronics

The need for basic healthcare is quickly becoming a challenge for developing countries. This creates enormous opportunities in the manufacturing of medical electronics. But as medical designs continue to shrink in size, the design challenges and limitations within medical electronics become more pronounced. The need for high precision technology is yet another major hindrance for domestic manufacturing of medical electronic equipment. Such precision in medical electronics, however, cannot be achieved in isolation from other technologies like nanotechnology, materials, power sources, sensors and micro-fluidics.

This keynote address looks at the unique challenges that a developing country like India faces when it comes to technological innovation in medical electronics.

Panel discussion
Technology Solution in Medical Electronics Innovate or Import

Mohammed Hussain Naseem, Co-founder & CEO, GetActive (please click here to download presentation)


Lifestyle diseases largely demand secondary and tertiary treatment, which in turn drives the medical equipment market. India needs special medical equipment to suit our environment, which is beset with a large rural population and infrastructure shortages limiting access to healthcare. Equipment that will allow for telemedicine, remote diagnosis and low-cost treatments is the need of the hour.

Local manufacturers who understand the unique dynamics of the Indian healthcare industry are best suited to innovate and develop medical equipment that suit the requirements of developing nations like ours.

However, a price sensitive Indian market coupled with the lack of regulations is driving large scale imports of medical equipment. This has a huge impact on the growth of the domestic manufacturing sector.

This panel discussion looks at the effectiveness of importing versus indigenous manufacturing and the growing need for innovation in equipment design and manufacturing in the Indian healthcare sector.