Strategic roadmap for Electronics enabling Energy Efficient usage

The demand for electricity is expected to grow and be much faster in comparison with other energy sources over the next three decades. As per industry estimates, the world is estimated to consume 20,000 billion KWH of electrical energy in the year 2010 which is expected to increase to 30,000 billion KWH by 2030. This kind of energy consumption is going to have really a huge impact on environment.

A significant proportion of this energy can be saved by having energy efficient products and devices which control the end equipments efficiently. This can result in tremendous saving, and for countries like India, where there is already high energy deficiency, any KWH of energy saved is equivalent to the same KWH of energy produced.

Electronics is the enabling technology to efficiently use, distribute and generate electrical energy. Several market segments and the developmental programs of the Government of India can potentially benefit from application of electronics in efficient usage of electrical energy.