January 13, 2011: IESA CXO Conclave with with René Penning de Vries at Bangalore  

Topic: New Applications in Semiconductors (Smart Grid & Secure Transactions) – Role semiconductors play to make our society a better place!

Abstract: Dr. René Penning de Vries will touch upon the role semiconductors play in two of the societal mega-trends: Energy & Security.
In 21st century, IC industry has gone from business driven to society driven and semiconductors play key role in solving problems like energy shortage and security threat. In essence, semiconductors make our lives better. First part of this talk will touch upon “smart grid”, it’s applications, and associated semiconductor innovations in AMS domain. Second part will cover “secure transactions”,Save innovation, and transition in this domain from “IC hardware focus” to “HW-OS-Apps holistic”. Rene will illustrate with real-life NFC example from the recent Google-NXP collaboration. This talk will provide an opportunity to learn and discuss semiconductor technology, markets and applications behind NXP’s innovation in “smart grid” and “secure transactions”.
All the participants will receive a personal signed copy of Dr. René Penning de Vries latest book on “NXP in the Making – The world’s first HPMS company”
Date: Thursday January 13, 2011
Time: 8.30 to 10.00 am (to begin with networking breakfast)
Venue: Diya Hall, Hotel Leela Palace, Bangalore (old airport road) 
René Penning de Vries is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of NXP, the independent semiconductor company founded by Philips. 
René is responsible for overseeing the product creation processes at NXP, focusing on the key areas of Innovation, Technology and Research. In this role, he is member of the NXP Management Team (MT), headed by Richard L. Clemmer. 
René previously held the position of Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Philips Semiconductors prior to the formation of NXP in 2006. He started working for Philips Research in 1984 before moving to Philips Semiconductors in 1987 and brings to his position at NXP a deep understanding of the design and technology needs of the semiconductor industry. His career evolved from various technical and managerial roles in CMOS development, into management of platform and design technology as well IP creation. Later, system technology and research have been added to his portfolio. 
During his career, René worked and lived in the US, in Crolles, France and in Singapore, where he was Vice President of Technology in SSMC, a joint venture between Philips, TSMC and EDBi Singapore.  Rene has been intimately involved in the Crolles1 and Crolles2 projects.
René holds an MSc in physics from the University of Nijmegen and a Ph.D. in Device Physics from the Technical University of Twente, the Netherlands.