India is fast emerging as a destination to watch out for companies in the ESDM industry. Delegations to India are aimed at exploring business interests, partnership collaboration with IESA members. IESA has also organised trade delegations from India to countries with strong presence in the semiconductor related industry.

ESDM companies around the world are looking towards India for the quality of talent and the level of expertise the industry here brings to the table. Delegations from other countries have focused on collaborating with Indian companies to leverage their skills. IESA offers Indian companies business opportunities through delegations to other countries.


Delegation during 2008-09:

Israel - April 2008 - the first trade delegation to Israel from the semicon industry in India was organised with the intent to promote business and collaboration between the two countries including technology, business incubators. It was a 3-day programme with industry and academic visits, a seminar to share mutual perspectives and networking meetings.

Taiwan - June 2008
-  it was a semiconductor business delegation to semitech Taipei. The delegation went on a mission to showcase India's strength's and achievements in semiconductor design and to attract business collaboration in semiconductor design services.

Japan - November 2008
- IESA signed a MoU with the Asia Semiconductor Trading Support Association (ASTSA) during the visit to Japan MAP 2008 in Fukuoka, Japan. The MoU is aimed at developing collaborations between the two countries in the semiconductor design sector. IESA hosted inbound delegations from Japan, UK, Israel and the Netherlands. These business delegations explored the possibilities of collaboration with IESA members.