Message from the Chairman 2017-18    

It is a moment of pride and great privilege to represent and serve industry , as its Chief Evangelist at IESA – the premier electronics sector organization in India.

I have been associated in one way or the other with IESA for many years and have witnessed the important role IESA plays in rejuvenating the ESDM sector. Our vision of transforming India into a robust, self-sufficient ESDM ecosystem with a future scenario of our country becoming a “design-led electronics manufacturing hub” looks a visible possibility.

Design and innovation are the keywords which will drive the ESDM sector in the coming decade. We are all aware of the importance of creating IP in our country so as to drive the dream of being able to sell our products to the world. With IoT now turning from hype into a reality, the business opportunities this represents for our domestic players is immense. IESA, through its various summits and conferences, the most prominent of which are the Vision Summit and IoTNext aims to provide a common platform to network for the various stakeholders in this arena.

My preceding Chair, Krishna, has put forward an exceptional vision – taking opportunities contributed by individual Executive Committee leaders, and stitching it together in a range of actions with far reaching impact in the Indian Electronics design and manufacturing sector. I have the honor of building on it.

For all the challenges that Indian manufacturing faced in the past, I think we will be supported by strong tailwinds that will push our efforts to success. India is set to leapfrog several points – in fact, an order of magnitude improvement given its poor position in the past, in the Ease of Business ranking. A stable economy, popular PM with a decisive operating style is using digital as the growth hack to put the economy in a hyper-drive mode. Both IMF and the World bank have predicted that despite (possibly because of) the cleansing of the system by the demonetization drive , the nation will show a 7.2-7.5 % GDP growth becoming faster than the Chinese economy by 2018.

Visible green shoots in the electronics manufacturing bring additional hope.

Along with my colleagues in the IESA Board of Directors/ Executive Committee, I have a vision of building our nation by building this core industry – by getting investments, building innovation and enabling industry - and by being a Chief Evangelist of its momentum…

IESA has some focussed Core Interest Groups doing a great job in their respective domains. I invite you to engage in CIGS of your interest and I look forward to teaming with you on this journey,

Warm Regards

Ashwini K Aggarwal
Director-Government Affairs | Applied Materials India Pvt Ltd
Chairman - India Electronics & Semiconductor Association
Twitter: /xlAshwini