Chairman's message – 2012-2013    

Dear Friends,

First off, let me congratulate and thank all of you for making IESA Vision Summit 2013 a grand success. This Vision Summit was very special to all of us as we changed from ISA (representing the semiconductor industry in India), to IESA – India Electronics & Semiconductor Association, with the aspiration to be the definitive voice of the ESDM eco-system in India.

The change from ISA to IESA is more than just a change in name. It is a reflection of the changes in our industry. Semiconductors are at the heart of any electronic system but there are other significant aspects of an electronic end-product. The last few years have brought about the realization that we can only build a self-sufficient, USD 400 billion domestic market for ESDM by nurturing the entire ecosystem -- which includes both electronics companies and semiconductors companies.

Yet, in several ways, our work remains unchanged. Even as ISA, we have been working relentlessly to promote the Indian ESDM industry as a whole in the last few years. If anything, the change in name to IESA only sharpens our focus on developing a vibrant ecosystem in the domestic ESDM industry. The timing could not have been better. Discussion after discussion in Vision Summit 2013 brought about glaring inadequacies of the current ecosystem in the country. This, coupled with the overwhelmingly positive response we have received so far from the industry and the government, has shown us that we are indeed on the right path. In the months to come, we will give you more specific details on how we plan to forge ahead under the new banner of IESA.

Let me now take you through everything else that has been happening since my last note to you.

Vision Summit 2013, the first under our new name IESA, was a runaway success. This time we had many more international delegates and speakers, encouraging talks by Indian product companies, Industry luminaries and some really thought-provoking sessions from senior government officials. It was evident from various discussions that discourse about ESDM industry in India has started to shift towards implementation of the ideas and policies which have been conceived in last couple of years. We had record number of delegates who attended the opening sessions, two days of intense discussions and excellent media coverage during and post Vision-Summit.

Technovation Awards 2012 were also announced during Vision Summit in keeping with our increasing focus on innovation both in academics and industry. We received excellent response in both areas and this platform has helped us recognize and reward the academic excellence, promising entrepreneurs and leaders whose life long work has helped shaping the field of Electronics and Semiconductors. Please visit our website for a full list of our award winners.

The importance of favourable government initiatives and policies was another key takeaway of Vision Summit. Here too, IESA has been making significant progress. We are today a trusted knowledge partner to the government both at central & state levels. As most of you be already aware that several elements of the National Electronics Policy like Modified SIPS, Electronics Manufacturing Clusters and preference for domestically manufactured products are already approved and making good progress towards implementation. IESA has been actively involved in development of guidelines and implementation of these initiatives. The impact of the work done in ESDM area has also figured prominently in budget 2013-14 in terms of Incentives for Fab, duty increase on imported set-top boxes from 5% to 10% and additional 15% incentives on investments more than Rs. 100 Cr. These are very significant incentives for the Indian ESDM industry and will help in catalyzing domestic product design and manufacturing.

As part of our Government initiatives IESA voice is also reaching to the ministries beyond DeitY. We recently had a detailed discussion on the Indian EDSM landscape with the Planning Commission including Dr. Montek Singh and Mr. Arun Maira and it reflected in excellent address by Mr. Arun Maira during Vision Summit.

On the States front we have been working very closely with several states including Karnataka, Odisha, and several others. The Karnataka Govt. has setup an ICT Vision Group (KIG) to create a vision 2020 for the state under leadership of Mr. Mohandas Pai & Mr. B.V. Naidu where Mr. Sanjay Nayak and myself represented the ESDM industry.

The ISA F&S (2011 -2015) ESDM Report has been released is now available for purchase. A precursor to our name change, this is India’s first ground-up report on the entire ESDM industry covering all aspects and segments of ESDM in India. The contents of this report are eye-openers and already being referred in several discussions and platforms. Congratulations to the team which was led by Mr. Ashok Chandak.

On the International collaboration front, IESA participated in a Karnataka government led business delegation to Israel. During the four days of engaging discussions several opportunities have emerged in the Defense Sector and Technology collaborations for ESDM products.

You will recollect that IESA, in association with other prominent trade bodies, had set up the Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI). We recently participated in the first ever meeting of the ESSCI held in Kochi in collaboration with the Government of Kerala. A comprehensive roadmap for skill development in the state of Kerala was identified during this one-day workshop.

Last but not least, on behalf of whole IESA community, I would like to congratulate the team at Cosmic Circuits led by Mr. Ganapathy Subramaniam, for being first Indian Semiconductor IP Company to have a successful exit. You will recall the news about them being acquired by Cadence.

Before signing off, I want to reiterate that IESA is because of all of you and your support is absolutely vital to us. I look forward to your comments, feedback and suggestions, particularly in the wake of our reorientation as IESA. Please mail me at and let us keep the conversation going.

Satya Gupta

Chairman - IESA