Steve Sanghi    
Steve Sanghi
President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
Microchip Technology Inc.


1. How does Microchip see India as a market?

Microchip sees huge potential in India as a market. Microcontrollers offer mass market solutions in many diverse industry segments consisting of consumer, automotive, industrial, telecommunication to office automation. The requirements range from 8-bit microcontrollers with low power consumption to 32-bit high-end microcontrollers with enhanced capability and cost effectiveness. In addition, our analog and interface products, wireless and RF devices, memory and Flash-IP solutions complement the microcontroller core very well.

Our sales and technical offices are located in Bangalore, Delhi and Pune and we have regional training centers in each of these locations to help and support our customers. Together with our distribution partners, we have a team of 120 sales and technical representatives spread out in 40 different locations to serve our customer base of nearly 1,000 companies.

2. Is Microchip planning any investments in India? If yes, in which areas?

Microchip continues to invest in India. Besides having a local sales and technical presence, we have established a design center called the India Development Center (IDC) since 2000 and which was expanded and moved to Whitefield in 2008 occupying an area of 65,000 square foot.

We invest heavily in training our staff which currently stands at a headcount of over 200. Our engineers are trained locally as well as overseas at our headquarters in Chandler, Arizona.

We are also very dedicated to customer training. Besides the day-to-day regional training centers, we regularly conduct technical roadshows to reach out to our customers in the more remote areas. This year from January to March, we will hold our 2nd Embedded Designer’s Forum in nine cities, which is a one-day technical seminar. We recently successfully completed our 7th annual MASTERs technical training conference (Microchip Annual Summer Technical Exchange Review) in November last year in Bangalore and Mumbai, which was attended by approximately 300 engineers. Lastly, as students are leaders of tomorrow, we regularly teach microcontroller design classes at six leading educational institutes including VTU (Visveshwaraya Technological University), College of Engineering Pune and Anna University. Collectively, Microchip has trained approximately 10,000 engineers and engineering students in India last year. We are committed to the long-term growth of India and the region.

3. What part does India play in the overall technology strategy and marketing strategy of Microchip?

Designs from India are responsible for 20 per cent of our revenue worldwide. Engineers at the IDC work on IC designs, mask layout, applications, software and tools development. The Center has developed products based on the PIC18 and PIC24 architectures, and customer applications. We also operate an international call center and technical helpdesk to provide immediate local and overseas customer support. We have a team of marketing engineers who launch both local and global marketing initiatives.

4. What are your expectations from the IESA Vision Summit 2011?

IESA is a great platform that offers innovation and at the same time acts as a catalyst for the growth of the India semiconductor industry. We are happy to be part of this program and contribute to the overall success of the event.

Through IESA Vision Summit 2011 where this year’s focus is on Electronic Systems Innovation – India’s Opportunity To Drive Global Markets, we will share our experience in developing products and technologies that are increasingly being adopted in many industrial and end consumers’ applications worldwide.

Additionally, we hope to meet and connect with our customers and meet new business associates at the Summit.

Author of the article is Steve Sanghi

Profile : Steve Sanghi has been the President of Microchip Technology since 1990, CEO since 1991 and the Chairman of the Board of Directors since 1993. Sanghi is a member of the Board of Directors, Xyratex Ltd., a member of the national Board of Directors of FIRST® Robotics and a member of the Board of Trustees, Kettering University.

Sanghi’s previous assignments were at Waferscale Integration Inc., where he was Vice President, Operations, and at Intel Corporation, where he held several management and engineering positions.

In 2010, the Wall Street Journal ranked Sanghi second among the top 28 long-serving CEOs of the S&P 500, EE Times named him the Executive of the Year and the Phoenix Business Journal featured him in the Most Admired CEOs list. In 1995, he received the Arizona Entrepreneur of the Year Award. With Sanghi at the helm, Microchip has also received many industry honors.