Greg Lang    
Greg Lang
President and Chief Executive Officer

1. What are the top 3 innovative trends you see in semicon technology?

Semiconductor technology is defined by continuous innovation. Three trends significant to PMC are:

Silicon as a hardware and software. Increasingly, Moore’s law has enabled the most capable chips we have ever seen. With this increase comes added development cost and the need to leverage program investments across multiple applications. This platform orientation requires more software content than ever and allows for more system-level solutions than ever.

Development of next-generation interconnect technology as copper reaches its power/ performance limits.

Wide adoption of DSP algorithms in high-performance applications.

2. What part does India play in PMC’s overall technology and marketing strategy?

As most of PMC’s global customers have set up their design centres in India, and Indian design services companies are managing many global projects from India, this region is very strategic for PMC for new business demand creation and technical support. Also, with the Indian Telecom sector’s rapid growth, India has become a major market focus for many of our OEM customers and for PMC as well.

3. What would be the key market drivers in 2012?

The fundamental market drivers we see are the explosion of smart-phone-capable mobile devices, which puts the internet in the hands of a growing number of users with fewer physical restrictions on access. We also see rapid growth of video traffic on the network, which drives a dramatic increase in traffic. At peak times in the US market, one service, Netflix, accounts for over 30% of aggregate traffic. And we are at a very early stage of penetration. More capable mobile devices and video will drive a huge demand on storage, optical and mobile networks.

4. How do you see the Indian engineering education scenario? What do you think are its strengths?

India has a proportionately large young population that is supported by an established education system with a number of highly regarded technology institutes, such as the National Institute of Technology, as well as regional engineering colleges. PMC benefits from the India education system through co-ops/internship programs as well as by hiring new grads. We are pleased with the quality of engineers that we have hired out of college.

5. How does your company plan to leverage the unique needs of India in the various market verticals?

In the optical and mobile sectors, broadband growth is prompting significant investment in the telecom infrastructure in both FTTH and LTE. With the new National Telecom Policy draft announced recently by the Indian government, preference will be given to Telecom equipment developed and manufactured in India. This creates an important opportunity Indian telecom companies, and PMC can deliver the technology innovation to partner with them. 

About the author
Greg Lang
President and Chief Executive Officer, PMC-Sierra

Gregory S. Lang has been a director of PMC and its President and Chief Executive Officer since May 2008. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Lang, was President and Chief Executive Officer, and served as a director, of Integrated Device Technology Inc (“IDT”). Mr. Lang joined IDT as its President in October 2001 and became Chief Executive Officer in January 2003. In that position he led the organization and the transformation of the company’s culture, financial structure, core competencies and product direction resulting in increased profits and revenue. From September 1996 to October 2001, Mr. Lang was Vice President and General Manager, Platform Networking Group, at Intel Corporation. Mr. Lang previously held various management positions during his 15-year tenure at Intel.

Mr. Lang is a member of the board of directors the Semiconductor Industry Association and is a member of the GSA CEO Council. He is also a director of Intersil Corporation, an analog semiconductor company, and an active member on the Malaysia International Advisory Panel. Mr. Lang holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan, as well as a master’s of business administration from Washington University.

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