Mr. Arunjai Mittal    
Mr. Arunjai Mittal
Member of the Management Board
Infineon Technologies AG.

1. What are the top 3 innovative trends you see in semicon technology?

As Infineon, we focus on the following 3 issues which are of high importance for the modern society: Energy Efficiency, Mobility and Security.

2. What part does India play in Infineon’s overall technology and marketing strategy?

The India Design centre develops products for most of the Infineon businesses. The India team works on hardware, software and application development. India is also one of the fastest growing markets for Infineon.Increasing investment by India in infrastructure and on citizen services imply increased use of Infineon solutions in energy efficiency and smartcard applications. Infineon continues to strengthen its marketing, sales and application engineering capability in India.

3. What are the critical challenges facing companies looking to develop or expand existing semiconductor operations in India?

The Indian Electronics System Design & Manufacturing Industry is yet to mature and gain major share of India’s rapidly growing electronics market. When electronics products are designed here, decisions on semiconductor component selection and manufacturing are carried out in India, the market commitment by semiconductor companies is bound to increase significantly. Also, when local consumption of semiconductors grows, it will drive the need for semiconductors manufacturing – both wafer production fabs as well as assembly and test facilities. Government policies to support the same will act as a catalyst.

4. How is the regulatory environment in India impacting the Indian semiconductor industry?

We would welcome more proactive policies that encourage local design and manufacturing of electronics and semiconductor products. Example – attractive incentives for manufacturing, R&D and training subsidies to help companies expand their pool of human capital and more streamlined approval processes to simplify the set-up of new entities.

5. How do you place the competency of Indian product companies as compared with MNCs?

Thus far, we only see a handful of India based technology driven product design companies in the ecosystem, though the number of such companies is increasing in the recent past.

6. What would be the key market drivers in 2012?

We are convinced that our focus on the long-term trends of energy efficiency, mobility and security is right . Indeed, we continue to see that these focus areas will remain market drivers not just in 2012 but also into the foreseeable future.

7. How do you see the Indian engineering education scenario? What do you think are its strengths?

India has several world class engineering institutes. Indian engineers have gone on to found and lead some of the most innovative companies in the semiconductor industry. However, we feel that the need of the hour is to develop a larger number of engineering education institutes that train not just the top engineers but also the broader base of technicians that will be needed by India as it develops its manufacturing potential. Here, the German apprenticeship system for industrial training and development offers a good example for India to follow.

8. How does your company plan to leverage the unique needs of India in the various market verticals?

As India and China continue to grow and account for an ever larger share of our end markets, we plan to increasingly tailor our products towards these markets in-terms of price and performance.

About the author
Mr. Arunjai Mittal
Member of the Management Board
Infineon Technologies AG

Arunjai Mittal studied Electrical Engineering at Shivaji University, Kohlapur, India. Additionally, he attended management programs on mergers and acquisitions at the INSEAD in Singapore and The General Management Program at Harvard Business School in Cambridge, USA.

From 1992 to 1994, he served as Regional Marketing Engineer at Siemens Ltd. in Mumbai and worked in the Communications and Components Group of Siemens.

From 1994 to 2001, Arunjai Mittal worked at Siemens and later Infineon Technologies APAC Ltd in Singapore. There he moved from being responsible for Regional Marketing activities, setting up the headquarter functions in APAC region, to being Vice President for Power Semiconductors activities in the APAC region.

From 2001 to 2008, among other posts he headed the Power Management & Supply business unit, partly from Munich, Germany, partly from Villach, Austria. From October 2008 to December 2011 he was responsible for the Division Industrial & Multimarket (IMM) in Munich.

On January 1, 2012, Arunjai Mittal was appointed to the Management Board of Infineon Technologies AG, where he is responsible for Regions, Sales, Marketing, Strategy Development and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A).
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