Arun Jain    
Arun Jain
Director - Sales & Marketing
Texas Instruments


1. What is the impact of the Japan disaster on the industrial segment?

There has not been much of an impact on the industrial segment due to the Japan disaster as manufacturing in other places met the requirement. However, some customers will be affected for a short period. Many of the manufacturers are on a fast pace recovery mode at their manufacturing sites. Some of them are also using alternative manufacturing sites.

What challenges and opportunities do you foresee in 2011-2012 in the areas of technology trends, business environment, new standards, and government policies?

India is making important strides in legislative and regulatory policy in order to attract capital investment and create employment opportunities. This is a positive step that will encourage the semiconductor industry in India. We see electronics design being increasingly carried out from India today both for the global and local markets. India has emerged as a strong base for design activity across the world. Electronics manufacturing has also gained ground in the country over the past few years.

Infrastructure growth will drive semiconductor consumption, led by telecom and industrial domains. New standards can be expected in the areas of smart energy measurement, lighting, inverter/UPS,and solar. Star rating for energy-efficient appliances/EE will get further acceptance in the market as the cost of energy goes up. More compact and energy-efficient designs are expected to be introduced in the current year based on SoCs.Low cost LED products—for both display and general lighting—will gain greater acceptance for corporate, industrial, and street light applications.

2 . How do you place the competency of Indian product companies as compared with MNCs?

Until now, in the industrial domain, Indian companies fared better than their MNC counterparts. This is due to the experience in designing ‘just right’ products to meet local specifications, environment, local power conditions, and most importantly, at a competitive cost. Now, MNCs too have started developing products in India, for India. Some of them have designed innovative products to meet local requirements and are finding market elsewhere too.

Profile: Arun Jain is Director - Sales & Marketing of Texas Instruments India. Arun has a work experience of over 26 years in the field of Sales & Marketing. He has worked with General Electrics US, Motorola Semiconductor division and Freescale Semiconductor Division in the past. He had also worked at Hong Kong taking care of market development roles.

Arun Jain has done his B.E Hons in Electronics and Electrical from Birla Institute of Technology & Science.

Arun Jain has actively contributed to the growth of the ESDM ecosystem by being the Convener of the IESA Industrial segment. He was also one of the key drivers of the IESA - Frost & Sullivan reports which are considered as the most credible data on the Indian semiconductor market. His achievements & contributions are well appreciated.