IESA Core Groups    
IESA Core Groups focuses on various Electronic Systems Design Manufacturing ESDM Segments consisting of leaders from the Industry to propel the growth of the electronics in India. To interact with these groups, click here for group site (only IESA members)
Segments: Market verticals with long terms objectives/goals as defined by the group.

Core Initiative Groups (CIG): Groups with specific objectives cutting across various market segments.

Task Forces: Groups focused on specific activities such as reports and events.

Local chapters: Create IESA member reach across geographies through groups in specific locations.

International Industrial Alliances (IIA): Groups focused with specific objectives in building business relationship with various countries (post signing of MoU).
Segments Core Initiative Groups
  • Automotive
  • Defense & Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Medical
  • Portable/ Wireless
  • Telecom
  • Govt. Relationship
  • Entrepreneurship / SME
  • Talent & Innovation
  • Regulatory/ Legal
  • Women in Technology
Task Forces Local Chapters
  • IESA Knowledge Conclave (IKC)
  • IESA-F & S
  • Fab study 2011
  • Technovation Awards 2011
  • IESA Vision Summit 2012
  • Hyderabad
  • NCR
  • Pune
International Industrial Alliances (IIA)
  • IESA UK forum, DSP Valley, Belgium, HTIA, Israel