Chairman's Monthly Message – July 2013    

Dear Friends,

These are very exciting times for us. As I had mentioned when I took over as Chairman, this year our focus is on execution and state level initiatives.

Now our engagements with the state governments have started bearing fruit. The state governments of Karnataka and Odisha have already commissioned IESA for development of ESDM in their respective states. We are also in advanced stages of discussions with many other state governments for similar state-level ESDM policies.

Another key focus for this year is to study the various disabilities faced by our industry. The ESDM Disability report, being developed us in association with Ernst & Young, will be ready by the end of this quarter.
Our Regulatory and Legal CIG is also working on several initiatives to address these disabilities. The group recently conducted a seminar to discuss the new transfer pricing circulars and their impact on captive R&D centres in India.

You will also recall the SWOT analysis that I mentioned would be included in this year’s Frost and Sullivan report. A SWOT analysis of the top 25 products and 100 components has been initiated and the report should be available by the end of August 2013. This is going to be a very crucial report as it covers products and components that contribute to more than 85% of India’s electronics consumption. Armed with this, as well as the E&Y Disability study we plan to conduct state-level ESDM awareness workshops in September 2013.

Vivek Pawar has put together a Talent CIG and is working on a charter for the group; Vivek Tyagi has started the ground work for Vision Summit 2014 which is scheduled to be held on 3-4 February 2014; and Ravi Pagar is working on the Membership Drive for this year. If you would like to recommend any company that is not currently a member of IESA, please write to

We have also expanded our full-time Secretariat to improve efficiency and delivery capability. Specifically, we have Venkatesh Kumaran joining us as VP, Strategy and Operations. Very soon, we will on-board a GM- Marketing & Sales as well. With a bigger team to support us, we should be able to work faster and include more initiatives during the year.

We have several other events lined up in the coming months. Please visit our website,, regularly to read about our forthcoming events and latest news updates.

We have an IESA Member Meet (IESA Interactive or “i2”) on July 20th morning at the LSI office at Bangalore. We will be discussing the plans from our various CIG’s as well as have a presentation on the Electronics Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) scheme from IL&FS. If you are in Bangalore, I urge you all to do mark the date on your calendars and join us on July 20th for the i2.

And of course, please do keep your suggestions and feedback flowing in to

With Best Wishes

Sanjeev Keskar,

Chairman - IESA