C Subrahmanyam  
C Subrahmanyam
Senior Director
Process Integration

1. What are the top 3 innovative trends GLOBALFOUNDRIES see in Semicon technology?

  • Push towards Green Technologies - Efficient power management, More Integration thru' SOC, lower power.

  • MEMS coming into mainstream with more manufacturing on 8* going to unfold, and CMOS integration enable thru technologies like TSV and Bonding

  • New Materials integration with Silicon - Silicon Photonics and Gallium Nitride for High Speed data transmission and Power / LED markets is gaining traction.

2. What part does India play in the overall technology strategy and marketing strategy of GLOBALFOUNDRIES

India's electronics consumption is estimated to be US$ 400B by 2020 and Semicon consumption to cross excess of US$40B. India is one of the countries where approx 2000 chips are designed per year. GLOBALFOUNDRIES as a leader in Foundry services willing to be part to realize these designs. GF is one of the only few foundries that can offer solutions till 28nm solutions. So GF can be a 1 stop shop for all needs of Indian semiconductor manufacturers.

It will be a win-win Situation for both the teams as; we can support the Indian companies, who are interested to enter the huge Indian Semiconductor market with value adders

3. In lending support to the IESA Technovation Awards 2011 December- what is the message you would like to convey to the ecosystem in the country?

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is a truly Global Company that wants to have strong support and presence from all three regions US, Euro and APAC. With changed situation across world and India taking active part in the design and IP related activities, definitely there will be ample opportunity for Indian Business community to develop electronic products needed by India's vast domestic requirements (and opportunity for Export to rest of World) especially in the mobile, computing and communication sectors. GLOBALFOUNDRIES being one stop -shop for all semiconductor manufacturing related activities , wanted to endorse its support for related activities with active part in IESA and its events.

4. What are the top 3 key takeaways that GLOBALFOUNDRIES has received from supporting the IESA Technovation Awards 2011 December?

  • India is poised to break out of its traditional reliance on foreign component ICs in the next several years and begin internal design of ICs for India-designed end products. IESA members are at the forefront of this transition.

  • IESA members have some unique and innovative designs and products.

  • Design-wise, the IESA Technovation Awards further confirms the advanced nature of design services available in India.

5. Keeping in mind the background of the winners, what is your perception of the innovation happening out of India?

India is at the cusp of developing a full semiconductor ecosystem capable of supporting end market products for domestic and export consumption.

6. With the Government of India giving complete support to the manufacturing ecosystem, in terms of various policies, what is the stand taken by GLOBALFOUNDRIES

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is pleased to work with the Government of India on non-controlled technologies in both CMOS and MEMS, and enable the Government and private sectors with a conduit for high volume manufacturing in CMOS down to 28nm and in Bulk micro machine MEMS.

About the author
C Subrahmanyam
Senior Director
Process Integration

C Subrahmanyam popularly known as Subbu has 25 years of experience in Semiconductor industry of which last 20 years in Foundry manufacturing.

Subbu has Master degrees from IIT and Central University, both from India.

Starting his career as Lithography & Etch engineer and later worked in Yield Engineering, Technology Development and Process Integration areas. 13 of his last 20 years experience is in Process Integration where he is responsible for Process Transfers & Derivative technology developments.

Currently working as Senior Director of Process Integration, Subbu overseas Transfers / Developments in 3 of the GLOBALFOUNDRIES fabs covering from 0.35um to 0.15um technologies with more than 100 skilled Integration manpower.