B.V Naidu    
B.V Naidu
Group Chief Executive Officer, Vanpic Group
and Vice Chairman, Matrix Enport Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. B.V Naidu is currently Vice Chairman of Matrix Enport and Group CEO, VANPIC Projects. ..

Earlier to the current Role, Mr Naidu, was Managing Director of SemIndia and Fabcity.

Mr. Naidu brings over 23 years of experience developing the IT industry across India as part of the Dept of Information Technology/Software Technology Parks of India(STPI). Mr. Naidu has played a seminal role in the growth of the IT Industry in India, in his capacity as Director of Software Technology Parks of India, Bangalore/Hyderabad, by actively engaging with the Industry, Government Departments and Academic Institutions in creating a Techno Economic Eco System in Bangalore. He has facilitated the growth of the software exports from less than $ 5 million with 13 companies to $ 11.0 billion from more than 1800 companies in Bangalore by 2007 year. Mr. Naidu has been at the fore front of building the Karnataka / Bangalore IT as a global brand through active participation in internal trade shows and speaking at international road shows and conferences.

Mr Naidu created STPI as an efficient non-bureaucratic Govt. organization with corporate efficiency. He brought in the highest levels of Corporate Efficiency, for serving all the govt regulatory services, which were hailed by the Industry. Many revenue generating initiatives like the International Communication Services, Internet Services, Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre and High End Consulting assignments led to the creation of a very profitable organization.

Mr. Naidu continues to be very proactive in the industry as a founding member of the Indian Institute of Information Technology and a member of the Karnataka Chief Minister.

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