Anilkumar Muniswamy    
Anilkumar Muniswamy
Director, SLN Technologies Ltd.
Vice Chairman - IESA

Anil is one of the founding directors and the driving force behind SLN Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a Bangalore based embedded systems company for Aerospace and Defense Industry. He started SLN technologies, along with his engineering classmate D.R Subramanyam in the year 1995, with a vision of building a world class embedded technology company in India. With the help of a good partner and team of highly dedicated engineers, he is leading his company towards translating his vision into reality. SLN Technologies today is one of the leading companies in Aerospace & Defense and it supplies mission critical electronics subsystems to Fighter Aircrafts, Radars and Antenna control systems for Earth stations.

An Engineering graduate, majoring in Electronics and communication, Mr. Anil Kumar Muniswamy also has an International Masters in practicing Management from IIM, Bangalore and a diploma from INSEAD France along with an MBA from McGill University, Canada. Anil Kumar Muniswamy, who is being called as Anil by his friends from the industry, has travelled to more than 35 countries from 1989 to 2016 on business, which includes visiting, industry trade fairs and industry delegations, manufacturing facilities, world class universities, R&D labs, innovation centers,etc. This experience has given him the ability to network, negotiate and collaborate with foreign companies and foreign nationals of different regions across the globe.

Anil was the president of Indian Printed Circuits Association (IPCA) from 2006-2010 before serving as the Vice President of IPCA from 2000 to 2006. He was the founding president of IATC, a division of IPC, USA and IPCA India for training activating in India from 2007 to 2011. Anil has represented India at World Electronics Circuit Council convention in Tokyo, Japan in 1999 and gave a keynote on Indian Electronics Industry at JPCA show. He also gave a keynote presentation on "State of Indian PCB Industry" at CPCA show in Shanghai, China in 2007.

Anil is the Treasurer & Executive Council member at IESA for 2016-17. He is also on the panel for IESA Aerospace and Defence committee.
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