Rudi Cartuyvels
Senior Vice President Smart Systems & Energy Technologies, IMEC
Rudi Cartuyvels leads Imec’s R&D on Smart Systems & Energy Technologies. He is passionate about delivering industry relevant innovations in micro and nano systems enabling novel applications in the field of ICT, Healthcare and Energy markets. His R&D scope spans MEMS, Si Photonics, Mixed Signal Si based technologies, GaN-on-Si technologies for power devices & LED, Organic Electronics for System-in-Foil, Photovoltaic Technologies, Ultra Low Power chip design for energy efficient sensors and wireless communication, Body-Area–Network devices and Life Science Technologies.

Rudi Cartuyvels graduated with a MS EE degree from the KU Leuven in 1990 and started his career at IMEC in the field of advanced CMOS technologies. He was appointed Director of Interconnect Technologies in 2001. 3D Technologies were added to his responsibilities in 2007. In 2009, he was appointed Vice President & General Manager of IMEC’s semiconductor process technology unit. Since 2011, he is senior vice president of imec’s smart systems & energy technologies unit.