Rashmi Urdhwareshe
Senior Deputy Director, Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI)
Educational and Professional Qualifications
  • B.E (Electrical) from Vishweshwaraya Regional College of Engineering, Nagpur in 1981
  • M.E. (Electronics & Telecom) from Government College of Engineering, Pune
  • Certified Quality Auditor from American Society of Quality, USA

  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt from American Society of Quality, USA
  • Diploma in Corporate Directorship from Institute of Directors, World Council for Corporate Governance (WCCG)

Professional Experience
Rashmi Urdhwareshe started career as Trainee Engineer at ARAI in year 1983 and has handled various senior technical and management responsibilities during last 27 years. Her expertise includes design/ development of instrumentation & controls, electronic engine management, quality management, homologation and standardization, international harmonization under WP.29, Vehicle Type Approval Certification, Export Homologation, Laboratory Accreditation, etc.

Current Job Profile

  • Head (Homologation Management & Regulation Dept.) - Urdhwareshe is responsible for Vehicle Type Approval certification
  • Member Secretary to important national committees related to automotive standardization and type approval certification

  • Member Secretary to the National Committee on WP.29 matters for Harmonization of automotive regulations under WP.29 (a technical body of Transport division of UN-ECE at Geneva)
  • Head of Quality Management and Leading the Business Excellence movement at ARAI through 6 six-sigma and lean principles. She is also the Management Representative
  • Head of Calibration Laboratory
  • Chairperson of Social Responsibility Support Group

Special Achievements

  • Urdhwareshe has authored and published CMVR- Type Approval Handbook
  • Presented several Research Papers in the areas of Electronic Engine Management, Vehicular Crash, Automotive Electronics, Automotive Safety Regulations, Harmonization of automotive Standards, etc.

  • Co-author of Book on Total Quality Management, published by Pearson Publications Ltd