Guidelines for filling application form
Only online applications will be accepted
Fully completed application forms enable the Awards jury to do a proper review and increase your chances of being selected.
Nominated candidates may be contacted for supporting information.
Only winning candidates will be intimated.
It is required that applications are submitted from the official email id. It is not optional.
The online application must be completed in one session. Please note down the information required then start filling the form.

OEM-Consumer - Electronics companies who have created a brand and the product is used by household consumers.
OEM-Enterprise - Electronics companies who have created a brand and the product is used by enterprises.
Embedded system design house - Electronic design companies involved in creating reference boards & embedded software.
Semiconductors Eco-system - Companies providing services in the area of test, package, verification, back end, modeling etc which helps in Integrated Circuits design.
EMS - Companies involved in electronics manufacturing and services.
Information which you need to keep ready before filling up the application form
For company award: Testimonial details (Name of customer organization, address, E mail id and telephone numbers), competing products and analysis, type of organization and contact details.
For individual award: Area of expertise and area of research work.
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