2012 Techno Visionary Award online application form
This award is for lifetime achievement by an Indian academician who has made significant contribution to the field Electronics and Semiconductor field through research and development.

The recognition is for outstanding contributions related to electronics & semiconductors. This award has been instituted to recognize and honor a visionary, who has over the years made seminal contributions that made a difference. The awardees’ path-breaking contributions should be in academics & research.

- Please read the instructions at http://www.isaonline.org/Technovation2012/guidelines.html before filling in the application form
- If you have questions, please email to technovation-question@isaonline.org  We will get back to you within 48 hours.
- All supporting documents should be attached/up-loaded with this on-line application in PDF format. If you need to attach multiple documents for a particular item, please put all documents into one ZIP file and attach the ZIP file
- Fully completed application forms enable the Award Selection panel to do a proper review and increase your chances of getting selected
- Please avoid confidential data like schematics, detailed algorithms etc
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Only online nominations will be accepted. PDF and Word doc has been attached for your reference.

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