2012 TechnoMentor Award online application form
This award recognizes the academician/industry professional for his/her outstanding contribution in the field of Semiconductors or Electronics through mentoring others in technical/technology domains.

Any individual who has worked in a Technical academic Institute and acted as a Mentor to Engineering B. Tech. or M. tech students in India can apply.

-  Please read the instructions at http://www.isaonline.org/Technovation2012/guidelines.html  before filling in the application form
-  If you have questions, please email to technovation-question@isaonline.org.  We will get back to you within 48 hours.
-  All supporting documents should be attached/up-loaded with this on-line application in PDF format. If you need to attach multiple   documents for a particular item, please put all documents into one ZIP file and attach the ZIP file
-  Fully completed application forms enable the Award Selection panel to do a proper review and increase your chances of getting selected
-  Please avoid confidential data like schematics, detailed algorithms etc
Name of nominee:
Address for correspondence:
Postal address:
Telephone (Office and residence):  
Organization / institution working with:
Current affiliation/designation:  
Area of research / work:  
Academic qualifications (Bachelorís degree onwards): (Please indicate in reverse order, with the latest qualification first)  
Date of joining the institution and designation:  
Positions held (In reverse chronological order):  
Name and contact address details of 2 distinguished scientists/researchers of standing (Who may act as possible referees):
1. Name and Designation:
Postal address:
Telephone (Office and residence):  
2. Name and Designation:
Postal address:
Telephone (Office and residence):  
Please identify 5 of your most significant contributions in order of importance (Write no more than 10 words per contribution):  
Development by the applicant based on the work done in India during the immediate past 5 years (in about 500 words). Specific reference is to be made to research papers published and patents taken in this context. (All relevant documents to be attached as Annexure A)  
Impact of the contributions in the field concerned, basic or applied (All relevant documents to be attached as Annexure B)  

Books, reviews, papers, etc. where research work of the immediate past 5 years has been referred/cited. Give citation index of the contribution as follows: (All relevant documents to be attached as Annexure C as per the format given below)

Name of the author
Year of publication
Name of journal
Page no.
Name of the author who has cited
Year of publication
Page no.
Names of the industries in which the technology has been used or could be used:
Give details of invited lecture(s) in India abroad and/or chaired any scientific International Conference/Symposium.  

Past achievements and awards: (Please provide details in the following format)

Name of the body
Nature of the award
Year of award
Enclosures required:
  • List of applicantís significant publications (one set of reprints to be enclosed).
  • Complete list of publications in standard refereed journals.*
  • List of papers published in conferences/symposia/seminars etc.
  • List of applicantís books or book chapter published.
  • List of patents held.
  • Information about patents applied for (if any).
  • Information of relevance such as the number of doctoral students guided with the area.
  • Additional Annexure may be used for any other information
India Electronics & Semiconductor Association
UNI Building, Millers Tank Bund Road, Bangalore 560052
Phone: +91 80 4147 3250
Facsimile: +91 80 4122 1866
Email: technovation2011@isaonline.org

Only online nominations will be accepted. PDF and Word doc has been attached for your reference.

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